Billy Bragg (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Billy Bragg1998.06.30 - Theatre Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia, PAFLAC1998not rated1:50:38
Billy BraggDon't Try This At HomeCD1991not rated56:37
Billy BraggHelp Save The Youth Of America EP: Live And Dubious12" vinyl1988not rated19:52
Billy BraggLive At Victoria University, 1st March 1987, Wellington, New ZealandCD2006not rated34:08
Billy BraggTalking With The Taxman About PoetryLP1986not rated38:06
Billy BraggVolume 1CD2006not rated5:50:27
Billy BraggVolume 2CD2006not rated7:56:36
Billy BraggWilliam BlokeLP1996not rated41:15
Billy BraggWorkers PlaytimeLP1988not rated42:15