Smashing Pumpkins (48 albums)

Artist Released Title Format Label
Smashing Pumpkins19961979 MixesCDEMI Int'l
Smashing Pumpkins1/22/19961979 [Aeroplane Flies High]CDEmi
Smashing Pumpkins6/2/1998AdoreCDVirgin Records Us
Smashing Pumpkins9/23/2014Adore - (Super Deluxe Edition 6CD/1DVD)CDVirgin
Smashing Pumpkins7/23/2013Aeroplane Flies High (deluxe reissue)CDVirgin (Universal)
Smashing Pumpkins2/12/2008American GothicCDWea Int'l
Smashing Pumpkins2/12/2008American Gothic (download with bonus tracks)CDWea Int'l
Smashing Pumpkins4/7/1998Ava AdoreCDEmi
Smashing Pumpkins1996Bullet With Butterfly Wings [Aeroplane Flies High]CDHut
Smashing Pumpkins7/16/1993Cherub RockCDVirgin UK
Smashing Pumpkins1994Disarm (heart)CDHUT
Smashing Pumpkins3/21/1994Disarm (smile)CDVirgin UK
Smashing Pumpkins11/26/2002EarphoriaCDVirgin Records Us
Smashing Pumpkins2008G.L.O.W.CDitunes
Smashing Pumpkins7/1/1991Gish (Caroline edition)CDCaroline
Smashing Pumpkins1991Gish (Virgin edition)CDVirgin Records Us
Smashing Pumpkins11/29/2011Gish (deluxe reissue)CDVirgin Records
Smashing Pumpkins11/20/2001Greatest Hits + Judas OCDVirgin Records Us
Smashing Pumpkins1992I Am OneCD(Deleted) Virgin
Smashing Pumpkins11/11/2008If All Goes WrongCDComing Home Media
Smashing Pumpkins11/11/1991LullCDCaroline
Smashing Pumpkins2000Machina II: The Friends and Enemies of Modern MusicCD
Smashing Pumpkins2/29/2000Machina: The Machines of GodCDVirgin Records Us
Smashing Pumpkins12/4/2012Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness (deluxe reissue)CDVirgin Records
Smashing Pumpkins1995Mellon Collie and the Infinite SadnessCDEMI Europe Generic
Smashing Pumpkins12/9/2014Monuments To An ElegyCDBMG Rights Management
Smashing Pumpkins6/19/2012OceaniaCDMartha's Music
Smashing Pumpkins1992Peel SessionsCD
Smashing Pumpkins10/6/1998PerfectCDVirgin Records Us
Smashing Pumpkins10/4/1994Pisces IscariotCDVirgin Records Us
Smashing Pumpkins7/17/2012Pisces Iscariot (deluxe reissue)CDVirgin Records
Smashing Pumpkins2005Rarities and B-SidesCDitunes
Smashing Pumpkins11/29/2011Siamese Dream (deluxe reissue)CDVirgin Records
Smashing Pumpkins1993Siamese DreamsCDHut
Smashing Pumpkins2000Stand Inside Your LoveCD
Smashing Pumpkins2000Still Becoming ApartCDVirgin
Smashing Pumpkins7/9/2007TarantulaCDWarner Bros UK
Smashing Pumpkins5/25/2010Teargarden By Kaleidyscope 1: Songs for a Sailor [promo]CDMartha's Music
Smashing Pumpkins1997The End Is The Beginning Is The EndCD
Smashing Pumpkins6/30/1998The End Is The Beginning Is The End (remixes)CDWea International
Smashing Pumpkins1996Thirty-three [Aeroplane Flies High]CDVirgin Records America
Smashing Pumpkins9/27/1993TodayCDVirgin UK
Smashing Pumpkins1996Tonight Tonight [Aeroplane Flies High]CDEMI Import
Smashing Pumpkins2007Zeitgeist (Purple Cover + 1)CDMartha's Music
Smashing Pumpkins2007Zeitgeist (Silver Cover + dvd)CD
Smashing Pumpkins4/23/1996Zero [Aeroplane Flies High]CDVirgin Records Us
Smashing Pumpkins2000untitled promoCD
Smashing Pumpkins9/24/2013Oceania: Live In NYC [2 CD/DVD Combo]DVDVirgin