Nirvana (23 albums)

Artist Released Title Format Label
Nirvana1993All Apologies [singles box set]CDGeffen
Nirvana10/14/1991BleachCDSub Pop
Nirvana11/3/2009Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)CDSub Pop
Nirvana1990Bleach [2009 expanded]CDGeffen
Nirvana1992Come As You Are [singles box set]CDMca Import
Nirvana10/1/1996From the Muddy Banks of the WishkahCDGeffen Records
Nirvana1993Heart Shaped Box [singles box set]CDMca Import
Nirvana1992In Bloom [singles box set]CDMsi/Uni
Nirvana9/21/1993In UteroCDGeffen Records
Nirvana9/24/2013In Utero (2CD - 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)CDGeffen Records
Nirvana12/15/1992IncesticideCDGeffen Records
Nirvana7/21/1992Lithium [singles box set]CDGeffen Records
Nirvana2013Live and Loud [dvd]CDGeffen
Nirvana11/3/2009Live at ReadingDVDGeffen Records
Nirvana9/27/2011Live at the ParamountDVDGeffen Records
Nirvana2006Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! [dvd]CDGeffen
Nirvana11/1/1994MTV Unplugged in New YorkCDGeffen Records
Nirvana9/24/1991NevermindCDGeffen Records
Nirvana1991Nevermind (2011 super deluxe)CDitunes
Nirvana10/29/2002Nirvana (Greatest Hits)CDInterscope
Nirvana11/1/2005Sliver: The Best of the BoxCDGeffen Records
Nirvana1991Smells Like Teen Spirit [singles box set]CDUniversal Import
Nirvana11/23/2004With The Lights OutCDGeffen Records