Meat Puppets (19 albums)

Artist Released Title Format Label
Meat Puppets3/8/2019Dusty NotesCDMegaforce
Meat Puppets7/9/1991Forbidden PlacesCDPolygram Records
Meat Puppets9/26/2000Golden LiesCDAtlantic
Meat Puppets1987Huevos [1999 Ryko +5]CDRykodisc
Meat Puppets4/9/2002LiveCDDcn Records
Meat Puppets2/23/1999Live in Montana (1988)CDRykodisc
Meat Puppets4/12/2011LollipopCDMRI
Meat Puppets1982Meat Puppets + In A Car [1999 Ryko +18]CDRykodisc
Meat Puppets1984Meat Puppets II [1999 +7]CDRykodisc
Meat Puppets1987Mirage [1999 Ryko +5]CDRykodisc
Meat Puppets1989Monsters [1999 Ryko +3]CDRykodisc
Meat Puppets10/3/1995No Joke!CDPolygram Records
Meat Puppets1986Out My Way [1999 Ryko +8]CDRykodisc
Meat Puppets4/16/2013Rat FarmCDMegaforce
Meat Puppets1994Raw Meat promo 10" [cassette master]CDLondon Records
Meat Puppets7/17/2007Rise to Your KneesCDAnodyne
Meat Puppets5/12/2009Sewn TogetherCDMegaforce
Meat Puppets1/25/1994Too High to DieCDFontana London
Meat Puppets1985Up on the Sun [1999 Ryko + 5]CDRykodisc