Johnny Cash
Boom Chicka Boom [complete Mercury]

Johnny Cash - Boom Chicka Boom [complete Mercury]

  • Release date: 1990
  • Format: CD
  • not rated
  • Added June 29


1. A Backstage Passnot rated0:00
2. Cat's In The Cradlenot rated0:00
3. Farmer's Alamanacnot rated0:00
4. Don't Go Near The Waternot rated0:00
5. Family Biblenot rated0:00
6. Harleynot rated0:00
7. I Love You, I Love Younot rated0:00
8. Hidden Shamenot rated0:00
9. Monteagle Mountainnot rated0:00
10. That's One You Owe Menot rated0:00
11. Veteran's Day [B-side]not rated0:00
12. I Shall Be Free [B-side]not rated0:00
13. I Draw The Linenot rated0:00
14. A Backstage Pass [Early Version]not rated0:00
15. Harley [Early Version]not rated0:00
16. That's One You Owe Me [Early Version]not rated0:00
17. Veteran's Day [Early Version]not rated0:00

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