Def Leppard
Retro Active

Def Leppard - Retro Active

  • Release date: 10/5/1993
  • Format: CD
  • not rated
  • Added February 13


1. Desert Songnot rated0:00
2. Fractured Lovenot rated0:00
3. Actionnot rated0:00
4. Two Step's Behind (Acoustic Version)not rated0:00
5. She's Too Toughnot rated0:00
6. Miss You In A Heartbeatnot rated0:00
7. Only After Darknot rated0:00
8. Ride Into The Sunnot rated0:00
9. From The Insidenot rated0:00
10. Ring Of Firenot rated0:00
11. I Wanna Be Your Heronot rated0:00
12. Miss You In A Heartbeat (Electric Version)not rated0:00
13. Two Steps Behind (Electric Version)not rated0:00

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