Kris Kristofferson
An Evening With: Live in London

Kris Kristofferson - An Evening With: Live in London

  • Release date: 12/9/2014
  • Format: CD
  • not rated
  • Added December 29, 2019


1. Shipwrecked in the 80snot rated0:00
2. Darby's Castlenot rated0:00
3. Me & Bobby Mcgeenot rated0:00
4. Here Comes That Rainbownot rated0:00
5. Closer to the Bonenot rated0:00
6. Best of All Possible Worldsnot rated0:00
7. Help Me Make It Through the Nightnot rated0:00
8. Casey's Last Ridenot rated0:00
9. Nobody Winsnot rated0:00
10. Feeling Mortalnot rated0:00
11. From Here to Forevernot rated0:00
12. The Circlenot rated0:00
13. Loving Her Was Easiernot rated0:00
14. Kiss the World Goodbyenot rated0:00
15. I'd Rather Be Sorrynot rated0:00
16. You Show Me Yours / Jesus Was a Capricornnot rated0:00
17. Duvalier's Dreamnot rated0:00
18. The Heartnot rated0:00
19. Come Sundownnot rated0:00
20. Billy Deenot rated0:00
21. The Promisenot rated0:00
22. Sabre and the Rosenot rated0:00
23. Jody & The Kidnot rated0:00
24. Broken Freedom Songnot rated0:00
25. Sky Kingnot rated0:00
26. They Killed Menot rated0:00
27. The Pilgrim: Chapter 33not rated0:00
28. Sunday Morning Coming Downnot rated0:00
29. Silver-Tongued Devilnot rated0:00
30. For the Good Timesnot rated0:00
31. To Beat the Devilnot rated0:00
32. Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Endsnot rated0:00
33. A Moment of Forevernot rated0:00
34. Why Menot rated0:00

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