Jessi Colter
An Outlaw...A Lady, The Very Best Of

Jessi Colter - An Outlaw...A Lady, The Very Best Of

  • Release date: 9/2/2003
  • Format: CD
  • not rated
  • Added August 10, 2019


1. You Mean To Saynot rated0:00
2. Suspicious Minds - Waylon Jenningsnot rated0:00
3. Under Your Spell Again - Waylon Jenningsnot rated0:00
4. I'm Not Lisanot rated0:00
5. What's Happened To Blue Eyesnot rated0:00
6. You Ain't Never Been Loved (Like I'm Gonna Love You)not rated0:00
7. Storms Never Lastnot rated0:00
8. It's Morning (And I Still Love You)not rated0:00
9. Without Younot rated0:00
10. Here I Amnot rated0:00
11. I Belong To Himnot rated0:00
12. New Winenot rated0:00
13. I Thought I Heard You Calling My Namenot rated0:00
14. You Hung The Moon (Didn't You Waylon?)not rated0:00
15. Maybe You Should've Been Listeningnot rated0:00
16. That's The Way A Cowboy Rocks And Rollsnot rated0:00
17. Hold Back The Tearsnot rated0:00
18. Wild Side Of Life/It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (Medley)not rated0:00

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