Complete list of imaginos's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
Various ArtistsWelcome To The FutureGreasy Truckers Party3:35not ratedCD1972
Various ArtistsWhere Have All The Flowers Gone - Peter, Paul & MaryMagic Bus3:57not ratedCD2015
Various ArtistsWhipping Post - The Allman Brothers BandMagic Bus5:21not ratedCD2015
Various ArtistsWhite Rabbit - Jefferson AirplaneMagic Bus2:33not ratedCD2015
Various ArtistsWonder WomanGreasy Truckers Party4:02not ratedCD1972
Various ArtistsWoodstock - Matthews Southern ComfortMagic Bus4:31not ratedCD2015
Various ArtistsYou Shouldn't Do ThatGreasy Truckers Party10:06not ratedCD1972
VillagersBecoming A JackalBecoming A Jackal3:19not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersHomeBecoming A Jackal4:41not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersI Saw The DeadBecoming A Jackal5:03not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersPiecesBecoming A Jackal5:25not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersSet The Tigers FreeBecoming A Jackal3:22not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersShip Of PromisesBecoming A Jackal4:36not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersThat DayBecoming A Jackal3:10not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersThe Meaning Of The RitualBecoming A Jackal3:14not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersThe Pact (I'll Be Your Fever)Becoming A Jackal3:28not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersTo Be Counted Among MenBecoming A Jackal4:43not ratedCD5/24/2010
VillagersTwenty-Seven StrangersBecoming A Jackal3:24not ratedCD5/24/2010
WallyGreen Room Smiles (Live Bonus Track)Valley Gardens6:12not ratedCD1975
WallyI Just Wanna Be A CowboyWally4:03not ratedCD1974
WallyNez PerceValley Gardens4:56not ratedCD1975
WallyNez Perce (Live Bonus Track)Valley Gardens4:48not ratedCD1975
WallyRight By Me (Bonus Track)Wally3:25not ratedCD1974
WallySunday Walking LadyWally2:36not ratedCD1974
WallyThe MartyrWally7:54not ratedCD1974

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