Complete list of imaginos's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
UtopiaThe Very Last TimeAdventures In Utopia3:53not ratedCD1980
UtopiaThere Goes My InspirationUtopia3:27not ratedCD1982
UtopiaToo Much WaterOblivion4:41not ratedCD1984
UtopiaTrappedRedux '92: Live In Japan3:09not ratedCD1993
UtopiaTrappedOops! Wrong Planet3:09not ratedCD1977
UtopiaUmbrella Man (Bonus Track)Adventures In Utopia3:43not ratedCD1980
UtopiaWelcome To My RevolutionOblivion5:05not ratedCD1984
UtopiaWhere Does The World Go To HideDeface the Music1:44not ratedCD1980
UtopiaWildlifePOV3:40not ratedCD1985
UtopiaWindowsOops! Wrong Planet4:20not ratedCD1977
UtopiaWinston Smith Takes It On The JawOblivion3:19not ratedCD1984
UtopiaYou Make Me CrazyAdventures In Utopia3:42not ratedCD1980
UtopiaZen MachinePOV4:09not ratedCD1985
UtopiaZen MachineRedux '92: Live In Japan4:42not ratedCD1993
Van Der GraafCat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome5:21not ratedCD1977
Van Der GraafChemical WorldThe Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome6:12not ratedCD1977
Van Der GraafDoorVital5:30not ratedCD1978
Van Der GraafDoor [Bonus Track]The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome3:28not ratedCD1977
Van Der GraafLast FrameVital9:05not ratedCD1978
Van Der GraafLast FrameThe Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome6:17not ratedCD1977
Van Der GraafLizard PlayThe Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome4:31not ratedCD1977
Van Der GraafMedley: A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers/SleepwalkersVital13:43not ratedCD1978
Van Der GraafMirror ImagesVital5:51not ratedCD1978
Van Der GraafNadir's Big ChanceVital3:59not ratedCD1978
Van Der GraafPioneers over CVital17:08not ratedCD1978

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