Complete list of imaginos's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
MuseTime Is Running OutAbsolution3:56not ratedCD2003
MuseTime Is Running OutHAARP4:23not ratedCD2008
MuseUndisclosed DesiresThe Resistance3:56not ratedCD2009
MuseUnintendedHAARP4:36not ratedCD2008
MuseUnintendedShowbiz3:56not ratedCD1999
MuseUnited States Of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)The Resistance5:47not ratedCD2009
MuseUnnatural SelectionThe Resistance6:54not ratedCD2009
MuseUnoShowbiz3:38not ratedCD1999
MuseUprisingThe Resistance5:02not ratedCD2009
MuseUprisingLive At Rome Olympic Stadium5:35not ratedCD2013
MuseYes PleaseHullabaloo3:05not ratedCD2002
Muse[Drill Sergeant]Drones0:21not ratedCD2015
Muse[JFK]Drones0:54not ratedCD2015
Natalie MerchantBeloved WifeTigerlily5:02not ratedCD1995
Natalie MerchantBuild A LeveeMotherland4:47not ratedCD2001
Natalie MerchantCarnivalTigerlily5:59not ratedCD1995
Natalie MerchantCowboy RomanceTigerlily4:39not ratedCD1995
Natalie MerchantGolden BoyMotherland4:12not ratedCD2001
Natalie MerchantHenry DargerMotherland4:26not ratedCD2001
Natalie MerchantI May Know the WordTigerlily8:08not ratedCD1995
Natalie MerchantI'm Not Gonna BegMotherland3:40not ratedCD2001
Natalie MerchantJealousyTigerlily2:41not ratedCD1995
Natalie MerchantJust Can't LastMotherland4:31not ratedCD2001
Natalie MerchantMotherlandMotherland4:46not ratedCD2001
Natalie MerchantNot In This LifeMotherland5:23not ratedCD2001

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