Slade (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
SladeBeginnings (1969) & Play It LoudCD1970****1:17:11
SladeNobody's FoolCD1976not rated57:22
SladeOld New Borrowed And BlueCD1974not rated57:40
SladeRogues GalleryCD1985not rated1:19:52
SladeSlade Alive!CD1972****2:25:43
SladeSlade In FlameCD1974not rated40:13
SladeSladestCD1973not rated57:41
SladeSlayed?CD1972not rated53:41
SladeThe Amazing Kamikaze SyndromeCD1983not rated1:06:18
SladeTill Deaf Do Us PartCD1981not rated41:38
SladeWe'll Bring The House DownCD1981not rated56:37
SladeWhatever Happened ToCD1977not rated1:09:11
SladeYou Boyz Make Big NoizeCD1987not rated1:12:36