Bad Company
Desolation Angels

Bad Company - Desolation Angels

  • Release date: 1979
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:55:01
  • ****
  • Added January 14
  • Rated January 14


Original Album Remastered
1. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasynot rated3:19
2. Crazy Circlesnot rated3:35
3. Gone, Gone, Gonenot rated3:49
4. Evil Windnot rated4:21
5. Early In The Morningnot rated5:47
6. Lonely For Your Lovenot rated3:29
7. Oh, Atlantanot rated4:09
8. Take The Timenot rated4:13
9. Rhythm Machinenot rated3:47
10. She Brings Me Lovenot rated4:41
11. Smokin' 45 (Alternate Version 1)not rated3:35
12. Smokin' 45 (Alternate Version 2)not rated3:13
13. Rock Fever (Outtake)not rated3:03
14. Oh, Atlanta (Slow Version With Fender Rhodes)not rated5:07
15. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (Alternate Version 1)not rated3:18
16. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (Alternate Version 2)not rated3:18
17. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (Alternate Version 3)not rated3:19
18. Crazy Circles (Alternate Version)not rated3:32
Bonus Tracks
1. Gone, Gone, Gone (Alternate Version)not rated4:07
2. Early In The Morning (Alternate Version)not rated6:31
3. Lonely For Your Love (Alternate Version 1)not rated4:06
4. Take The Time (Alternate Version 1)not rated4:14
5. Evil Wind (Alternate Version)not rated5:11
6. Take The Time (Alternate Version 2)not rated4:14
7. Lonely For Your Love (Alternate Version 2)not rated3:34
8. She Brings Love (Alternate Version)not rated5:22
9. What Does It Mean (Blues Jam)not rated2:07
10. Rhythm Machine (Alternate Version)not rated3:44
11. Amen (A Cappella)not rated2:02

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