King Crimson
The Elements: 2014 Tour Box

King Crimson - The Elements: 2014 Tour Box

  • Release date: 2014
  • Genre: Progressive Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 2:12:21
  • not rated
  • Added July 13, 2018


1. Wind (Extract) (In The Court Of The Crimson King Sessions)not rated0:30
2. I Talk To The Wind (In The Court Of The Crimson King Sessions)not rated4:11
3. Cadence And Cascade [Greg Lake Vocal] (In The Wake Of Poseidon Sessions)not rated4:28
4. Cirkus (Guitar Extract) (Lizard Sessions)not rated0:14
5. Cirkus (Live 1970)not rated8:42
6. Hoodoo (Extract) (Previously Unreleased 2014)not rated0:22
7. Sailor's Tale (Islands Sessions)not rated6:12
8. The Talking Drum (Larks' Tongues In Aspic Sessions) (Steven Wilson Alternate Mix)not rated6:42
9. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Part 1) (Extract) (Rehearsals 2014)not rated2:35
10. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Part 1) (Extract) [David/Jamie] (Larks' Tongues In Aspic Sessions)not rated2:39
11. Fracture (Live 1973) (Steven Wilson Mix)not rated11:27
12. Fallen Angel (Extract) [RF Harmonics] (Red Sessions)not rated1:13
13. Fallen Angel (Red Sessions) (Steven Wilson Instrumental Mix)not rated6:21
14. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live 1974)not rated8:26
15. Starless (Extract) [Mark] (Red Sessions)not rated1:18
1. Discipline (Alternate Take) (Discipline Sessions)not rated5:02
2. Three Headed Doom (Part 1) (Rehearsal 2014)not rated0:44
3. Neurotica (Manhattan) (Live 1981)not rated6:11
4. Neal And Jack And Me (Extract) (Beat Sessions)not rated1:43
5. Sleepless (Bearsville) (Three Of A Perfect Pair Sessions) (Steven Wilson Mix)not rated5:18
6. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream (THRAK Sessions)not rated4:56
7. Thrak (Live 1996)not rated8:59
8. Venturing Unto Joy (Edit) (Rehearsal 2014)not rated1:11
9. The Deception Of The Thrush (Extract) [ProjeKct Four] (Live 1998)not rated7:08
10. Heaven & Earth (Early Edit) [Projekct X] (The ConstruKction Of Light Sessions)not rated7:43
11. Level Five (Live 2008)not rated6:43
12. The Hell Hounds Of Krim (Rehearsal 2014)not rated0:55
13. Separation (Edit) (Previously Unreleased 2010)not rated2:40
14. A Scarcity Of Miracles (Alternate Take)not rated7:31

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