Muse (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Muse2nd Law, TheFLAC2012not rated53:34
MuseAbsolutionFLAC2003not rated52:18
MuseBlack Holes And RevelationsFLAC2006not rated45:31
MuseDronesFLAC2015not rated52:47
MuseHaarpFLAC2008not rated1:11:55
MuseHullabalooFLAC2002not rated1:31:15
MuseMuse - Live At Rome Olympic StadiumFLAC2013not rated1:35:45
MuseOrigin Of SymetryFLAC2001not rated51:41
MuseResistance, TheFLAC2009not rated54:18
MuseShowbizFLAC1999not rated49:43
MuseSupermassive Black Hole (CD Single)FLAC2006not rated6:08
MuseTime Is Running Out (CD Single)FLAC2003not rated6:36