Cure, The (20 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cure, The4:13 DreamFLAC2008not rated52:53
Cure, TheAcoustic HitsFLAC2001not rated1:09:24
Cure, TheBoys Don't CryFLAC1980not rated33:40
Cure, TheCure, TheFLAC2004not rated55:00
Cure, TheDisintegrationFLAC1989not rated1:12:25
Cure, TheEntreatFLAC1991not rated47:29
Cure, TheFaithFLAC1981not rated1:47:22
Cure, TheHead On The Door, TheFLAC1985not rated37:57
Cure, TheJapanese WhispersFLAC1983not rated28:50
Cure, TheJoin The DotsFLAC2004not rated3:47:27
Cure, TheKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss MeFLAC1987not rated1:12:07
Cure, TheMixed UpFLAC1990not rated1:13:03
Cure, TheParis [Live]FLAC1993not rated57:37
Cure, ThePornographyFLAC1982not rated1:54:28
Cure, TheSeventeen SecondsFLAC1981not rated1:27:13
Cure, TheShowFLAC1993not rated1:28:45
Cure, TheStaring At The SeaFLAC1986not rated1:02:05
Cure, TheThree Imaginary BoysFLAC1979not rated1:56:29
Cure, TheTop, TheFLAC1984not rated40:55
Cure, TheWishFLAC1992not rated1:06:21