Jay-Z (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Jay-ZAmerican GangsterFLAC2007not rated58:48
Jay-ZBlack Album, TheFLAC2003not rated55:37
Jay-ZBlueprint 2.1FLAC2003not rated1:01:21
Jay-ZBlueprint 3, TheFLAC2009not rated1:00:55
Jay-ZBlueprint, TheFLAC2001not rated1:03:55
Jay-ZBlueprint², TheFLAC2002not rated1:48:37
Jay-ZDynasty Roc La Familia, TheFLAC2000not rated1:06:34
Jay-ZIn My Lifetime, Vol. 1FLAC1997not rated58:06
Jay-ZJay-Z - UnpluggedFLAC2011not rated58:20
Jay-ZKingdom ComeFLAC2006not rated59:27
Jay-ZReasonable DoubtFLAC1996not rated59:24
Jay-ZVolume 2 - Hard Knock LifeFLAC1998not rated1:01:43
Jay-ZVolume 3 - Life And Times Of S. CarterFLAC1999not rated1:11:13