Briar Rose

Koan - Briar Rose

  • Release date: 2019
  • Genre: None
  • Format: FLAC
  • Duration: 2:18:00
  • not rated
  • Added September 11, 2020


1. Introusnot rated2:10
2. Briar Rosenot rated8:09
3. Dream In Kaiser Gardensnot rated8:47
4. Ardenne Forestnot rated5:30
5. Abandoned Orangery (Briar Rose Mix)not rated3:54
6. The Legend About Camellianot rated6:08
7. The Lake Of Dark Deer (Briar Rose Mix)not rated7:29
8. He Doesn't Need You (Thirteenth Lady Mix)not rated8:18
9. Askeladdennot rated7:40
10. One Shade Of Blacknot rated7:36
11. Distortion Of Perspectivenot rated4:29
12. Briar Rose (Radio Version)not rated4:17
13. My Personal Dark Knight (The Kiss Of Dark Knight Version)not rated7:18
14. Dream In Kaiser Gardens (Radio Version)not rated3:51
15. The Star Of Pytheasnot rated7:44
16. Elysium (Briar Rose Mix)not rated7:52
17. Esmereenot rated6:28
18. Cocytusnot rated8:18
19. House Filled With Moving Mannequins (Roeth And Grey)not rated6:27
20. Should You Love My Darkness (Briar Rose Mix)not rated6:51
21. Asperitasnot rated5:35
22. Dense Forest Of Harz Mountains (Koan Fatum Sci-Fi)not rated2:59

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