Light, The

Scandroid - Light, The

  • Release date: 2019
  • Genre: None
  • Format: FLAC
  • Duration: 1:53:47
  • not rated
  • Added September 11, 2020


1. Into The Lightnot rated0:40
2. Writing's On The Wallnot rated4:14
3. Everywhere You Gonot rated2:53
4. Purifiednot rated6:53
5. I Remember Younot rated4:20
6. Time Crimenot rated5:14
7. New York City Nightsnot rated5:03
8. Writing's On The Wall (PRIZM Remix)not rated5:25
9. Everywhere You Go (Fury Weekend Remix)not rated4:20
10. Purified (Extra Terra Remix)not rated5:01
11. I Remember You (Lucy In Disguise Remix)not rated4:12
12. Time Crime (Turboslash Remix)not rated4:12
13. New York City Nights (Tommy '86 Remix)not rated4:42
14. Writing's On The Wall (Instrumental)not rated4:14
15. Everywhere You Go (Instrumental)not rated2:53
16. Purified (Instrumental)not rated6:53
17. I Remember You (Instrumental)not rated4:20
18. Time Crime (Instrumental)not rated5:14
19. New York City Nights (Instrumental)not rated5:03
20. Writing's On The Wall (PRIZM Remix) (Instrumental)not rated5:25
21. Everywhere You Go (Fury Weekend Remix) (Instrumental)not rated4:20
22. Purified (Extra Terra Remix) (Instrumental)not rated5:01
23. I Remember You (Lucy In Disguise Remix) (Instrumental)not rated4:12
24. Time Crime (Turboslash Remix) (Instrumental)not rated4:12
25. New York City Nights (Tommy '86 Remix) (Instrumental)not rated4:42

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