Jones, Howard
Human's Lib

Jones, Howard - Human's Lib

  • Release date: 1984
  • Genre: None
  • Format: FLAC
  • Duration: 3:41:22
  • not rated
  • Added April 28, 2020


1. Conditioningnot rated4:32
2. What Is Lovenot rated6:34
3. Pearl In The Shellnot rated4:01
4. Hide And Seeknot rated5:39
5. Hunt The Selfnot rated3:41
6. New Songnot rated4:16
7. Don't Always Look At The Rainnot rated4:13
8. Equalitynot rated4:28
9. Naturalnot rated4:27
10. Human's Libnot rated4:04
11. China Dancenot rated3:54
12. New Song (Portuguese 7'' Single Mix)not rated4:09
13. What Is Love (Rough Mix)not rated4:00
14. Don't Put These Curses On Me (Instrumental)not rated3:22
15. Human's Lib (Farmyard Mix)not rated3:54
16. Pearl In The Shell (Rough Mix)not rated4:11
17. New Song (Mix Take 1)not rated4:21
18. New Song (Alternative 12'')not rated6:31
19. What Is Love? (Extended Mix)not rated6:36
20. Hide And Seek (Extended Version)not rated8:34
21. Pearl In The Shellnew Song (Alternative 12'')not rated8:58
22. Conditioning (Original Mix)not rated4:08
23. New Song (New Extended Mix)not rated5:46
24. Hunt The Self (Live At The Marquee)not rated5:30
25. Bounce Right Back (Instrumental)not rated4:08
26. Total Conditioningnot rated8:00
27. Law Of The Junglenot rated3:18
28. Always Asking Questions (Rough Mix)not rated4:03
29. Equality (Rough Mix)not rated4:20
30. Hide And Seek (Rough Mix)not rated5:50
31. New Song (New Farmyard Mix)not rated4:27
32. Always Asking Questions (Farmyard Mix)not rated3:42
33. Equality (Farmyard Mix)not rated4:33
34. New Song (New Version)not rated4:46
35. Love (Early Version Of What Is Love)not rated3:38
36. Tao Te Chingnot rated3:52
37. Change The Mannot rated4:30
38. Bounce Right Back (Live At The Marquee)not rated7:27
39. New Song (Extended)not rated5:30
40. It Just Doesn't Matternot rated3:35
41. Don't Always Look At The Rain (Rough Mix)not rated4:07
42. New Song (New Mix Version 2)not rated3:32
43. Don't Put These Curses On Me (BBC Radio 1 Session)not rated3:41
44. Natural (BBC Radio 1 Session)not rated4:44
45. New Song (BBC Radio 1 Session)not rated4:56
46. Human's Lib (BBC Radio 1 Session)not rated4:30

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