World Of Daevid Allen And Gong, The

Gong - World Of Daevid Allen And Gong, The

  • Release date: 2003
  • Genre: None
  • Format: FLAC
  • Duration: 3:48:12
  • not rated
  • Added May 22, 2014


1. Rational Anthemnot rated4:09
2. Glad To Say To Saynot rated3:44
3. Gong Songnot rated4:09
4. Foghat Digs Holes In Spacenot rated6:21
5. Tried So Hardnot rated4:39
6. Tropical Fish; Selenenot rated7:36
7. Radio Gnome Invisiblenot rated5:32
8. Flying Teapotnot rated11:46
9. The Pot Head Pixiesnot rated2:59
10. The Octave Doctor And The Crystal Machinenot rated1:45
11. Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spellnot rated9:37
12. Witch's Song; I Am Your Pussynot rated5:06
13. Other Side Of The Skynot rated7:39
14. Sold To The Highest Buddahnot rated3:11
15. Castle In The Cloudsnot rated1:13
16. Prostitute Poemnot rated6:06
17. Givin' My Love To Younot rated0:43
18. Selenenot rated3:33
19. Flute Saladnot rated2:45
20. Oily Waynot rated3:00
21. Outer Templenot rated1:08
22. Inner Templenot rated3:19
23. Love Is How You Make Itnot rated3:26
24. I Niver Glid Beforenot rated5:35
25. Eat That Phone Book Godanot rated3:07
26. Thoughts For Naughtnot rated1:33
27. A Php's Advicenot rated1:47
28. Magick Mother Invocationnot rated2:05
29. Master Buildernot rated6:07
30. A Sprinkling Of Cloudsnot rated8:55
31. Perfect Mysterynot rated2:26
32. The Isle Of Everywherenot rated10:20
33. You Never Blow Your Trip Forevernot rated11:16
34. Save Yourselfnot rated2:41
35. You Don't Remembernot rated3:42
36. Time Of Your Lifenot rated3:24
37. Memoriesnot rated3:36
38. Stoned Innocent Frankenseinnot rated3:22
39. Fred The Fishnot rated2:29
40. White Neck Bloozenot rated5:45
41. Tally And Orlando Meet The Cockpot Pixienot rated3:16
42. Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do-not rated6:50
43. Poet For Salenot rated3:26
44. Floatin' Anarchynot rated5:11
45. New Age Transformation Try; No More Sagesnot rated12:05
46. Opium For The Peoplenot rated4:24
47. It's A Fine Air For Flissnot rated3:37
48. 333not rated4:09
49. Rajneesh With Thanksnot rated0:30
50. Much Too Oldnot rated2:44

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