Piano Magic
Seasonally Affective

Piano Magic - Seasonally Affective

  • Release date: 10/22/2001
  • Genre: Post-rock/Electronique
  • Format: CD
  • not rated
  • Added December 5, 2006


1. Wrong Frenchnot rated0:00
2. Non-fictionnot rated0:00
3. General Electric With Fairy Lightsnot rated0:00
4. Wintersport/Cross Countrynot rated0:00
5. Angel Pie/Magic Treenot rated0:00
6. Magnetic Northnot rated0:00
7. For Engineers Anot rated0:00
8. For Engineers AAnot rated0:00
9. The Fun Of The Centurynot rated0:00
10. The Sharpest Knife In The Drawernot rated0:00
11. Industrial Cutienot rated0:00
12. I Am The Sub-Librariannot rated0:00
13. Music for Rolexnot rated0:00
14. Music For Annahbirdnot rated0:00
15. Music For Waspsnot rated0:00
16. Me At 19not rated0:00
17. How Does It Feel?not rated0:00
18. French Mittensnot rated0:00
19. The Biggest Lienot rated0:00
20. Amongst The Books, An Angelnot rated0:00
21. C?est Un Mauvais Presage Lorsque Ton Aureole A Tombenot rated0:00
22. There?s No Need For Us To Be Alonenot rated0:00
23. The Canadian Brought Us Snownot rated0:00
24. Sketch for Joannenot rated0:00
25. My Password Is A Dead Aunt?s Namenot rated0:00

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