Various artists (367 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists1 A.D.CDnot rated
Various artists12" 80sCD2004not rated3:40:40
Various artists12"/80's: PopCD1/23/2007not rated
Various artists12"/80s/2CD7/12/2005not rated3:45:04
Various artists14 Years of Electronic Challenge, Volume 2CDnot rated
Various artists2 A.D.CD3/22/1995not rated1:08:51
Various artists21st century deep tranceCD4/17/2000not rated3:47:51
Various artists3 A.D.CD3/19/1996not rated1:12:59
Various artists80's ExtendedCD9/5/2005not rated3:08:30
Various artists80s: A Decade Of Classic Australian HitsCDnot rated
Various artistsA Brief History Of Ambient, Volume 1CD2/22/1994not rated2:32:29
Various artistsA Brief History Of Ambient, Volume 2CD8/23/1994not rated2:29:47
Various artistsA Brief History Of Ambient, Volume 3CD4/27/1994not rated2:32:18
Various artistsA Life In The Year Of DeconstructionCD10/26/1993not rated58:25
Various artistsA Means To An End: The Music Of Joy DivisionCD9/11/1995not rated
Various artistsA Testimonial Dinner: The Songs Of XTCCD10/17/1995not rated
Various artistsADD X Chapter 1: A Different Drum's 10th AnniversaryCD4/20/2005not rated
Various artistsAbduction Of The Art Of NoiseCD2/12/2004not rated
Various artistsAccession Records 3CD7/14/2006not rated1:16:28
Various artistsAdvanced ElectronicsCD2002not rated2:36:17
Various artistsAdvanced Electronics, Volume 2CDnot rated
Various artistsAdvanced Electronics, Volume 3CD10/25/2004not rated2:37:36
Various artistsAdvanced Electronics, Volume 4CD2005not rated2:36:40
Various artistsAdvanced Electronics, Volume 5CD2006not rated2:39:37
Various artistsAdvanced Electronics, Volume 6CD2008not rated2:34:51
Various artistsAdvanced Electronics, Volume 7CD11/28/2008not rated2:38:47
Various artistsAdvanced Electronics, Volume 8CD2010not rated2:34:15
Various artistsAlternative Hits Of The 80'sCD10/1/2002not rated42:44
Various artistsAmiga A Go-GoCD9/11/2000not rated1:11:24
Various artistsAnimal LiberationCD1987not rated41:15
Various artistsArtoffact Records, Volume 3CD2010not rated1:11:38
Various artistsAstralwerks New Music 2002 v.1CD1/2002not rated59:51
Various artistsAwake The Machines, Volume 2CDnot rated2:29:45
Various artistsAwake The Machines, Volume 4CD7/21/2003not rated
Various artistsAwake The Machines, Volume 6CD2008not rated
Various artistsBest Of BritishCDnot rated
Various artistsBest Of RaveCD3/25/1994not rated2:55:26
Various artistsBig Rock'n BeatsCD12/1/1997not rated1:13:10
Various artistsBippp: French Synth Wave 1979-85CD2/12/2008not rated
Various artistsBlack Box: Wax Trax!: The First 13 yearsCD11/25/1994not rated3:39:14
Various artistsBlack Snow 2CDnot rated51:12
Various artistsBoys United Cannot Be DividedCD1993not rated49:31
Various artistsCMJ New Music Volume 54CD2/1988not rated1:17:00
Various artistsCeltic Circle Sampler IVCD1996not rated2:23:10
Various artistsChemical ReactionCD6/2/1998not rated1:01:54
Various artistsChilledCD3/16/2001not rated2:49:01
Various artistsClassic Alternatives, Volume 1CD1994not rated1:19:13
Various artistsClassic Alternatives, Volume 2CD12/26/1994not rated1:12:32
Various artistsClassic Alternatives, Volume 3CD1995not rated1:19:11
Various artistsClassic Alternatives, Volume 4CD11/14/2000not rated3:18:37
Various artistsCloser To The Spiral: A Tribute To Nine Inch NailsCD11/23/2001not rated
Various artistsClub ElectroCD2003not rated1:15:24
Various artistsClub Nation America, Volume 1CD4/17/2001not rated2:22:19
Various artistsClubber's Guide To TranceCD7/26/1999not rated2:33:40
Various artistsCore: A Conspiracy International ProjectCD11/25/1991not rated
Various artistsCounterbalance, Volume 1CD1/1/2000not rated
Various artistsCream AnthemsCD5/21/2002not rated2:20:31
Various artistsCream LiveCD3/16/1995not rated2:31:38
Various artistsCreamLiveCDnot rated
Various artistsCritical M@55CD10/17/2000not rated
Various artistsCritical M@55, Volume 3CD8/6/2002not rated
Various artistsCritical M@55, Volume 4CD3/18/2003not rated
Various artistsCritical M@55, volume 2CD8/14/2001not rated
Various artistsCryogenic Studio, Volume 2CD2001not rated2:04:22
Various artistsCryogenic StudiosCD8/4/1998not rated1:12:07
Various artistsCryonica Tanz v1CD2/12/2001not rated
Various artistsCryonica Tanz v2CD6/16/2003not rated
Various artistsCryonicaTanz v4CDnot rated2:29:11
Various artistsCyberl@bCD9/1/1998not rated2:12:58
Various artistsDJ-Kicks: The ExclusivesCD2006not rated1:17:08
Various artistsDancing In The Dark 2006CDnot rated1:10:02
Various artistsDancing In The Dark: 10 Years Of Dancing FerretCD6/21/2005not rated1:16:44
Various artistsDark Trance vs. NeogothCD8/2/2005not rated
Various artistsDas Bunker: Brighter Than A Thousand SunsCDnot rated2:20:37
Various artistsDas Bunker: Fear Of A Distorted PlanetCD2006not rated2:19:51
Various artistsDecadence: Nettwerk's 10th Anniversary Box SetCD12/5/1995not rated5:27:01
Various artistsDeconstructing BeckCD1998not rated55:15
Various artistsDer Neue Deutsche Welle MixCD1998not rated1:07:40
Various artistsDie NDW Lebt!CD1/23/2009not rated
Various artistsDigital Empire II: The AftermathCD10/13/1998not rated2:20:50
Various artistsDigital Empire: Techno AnthemsCD8/29/2000not rated1:03:36
Various artistsDigital Space Between v3CD11/26/1996not rated
Various artistsDirect Hit, Volume 10CDnot rated
Various artistsDope On Plastic 6CD2/9/1999not rated2:02:47
Various artistsDream Dance, Volume 2CD1996not rated2:35:59
Various artistsDream Dance, Volume 21CD10/16/2001not rated
Various artistsDream Dance, Volume 22CD3/26/2002not rated
Various artistsDystopian VisionsCD10/1/2000not rated
Various artistsEBM Club Classics, Volume 1CDnot rated
Various artistsEBM Club Classics, Volume 3CDnot rated
Various artistsElectro Calm, Volume 2CDnot rated
Various artistsElectro CuredCD7/13/2004not rated56:04
Various artistsElectroclash Mix From Miss KittinCDnot rated
Various artistsElectroklashCD2002not rated1:43:40
Various artistsElectromagnetic: A Memento Materia SamplerCD1997not rated1:03:53
Various artistsElectronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure CancerCD2/9/2010not rated
Various artistsElectronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer Volume II: RecurrenceCD5/8/2012not rated
Various artistsElectropolis, Volume 1CD6/30/1998not rated
Various artistsElectropolis, Volume 2CD9/26/2000not rated
Various artistsElectrostormCD4/30/2009not rated
Various artistsElectrostorm 3CD4/27/2012not rated
Various artistsElektrisch!CD3/3/2006not rated
Various artistsElektrisch! 2CD2/9/2007not rated
Various artistsElektronische Popmusik: Deutschland TanztCDnot rated1:15:59
Various artistsEssential 12": The 80'sCDnot rated
Various artistsEssential IbizaCDnot rated
Various artistsEssential Selection '98CD11/23/1998not rated3:25:32
Various artistsExcursions In AmbienceCD1993not rated59:43
Various artistsExcursions In Ambience: The Fourth FrontierCD10/27/1995not rated1:13:02
Various artistsFlatline 2 CompilationCD1/1/2001not rated
Various artistsFollow Our TraxCD1989not rated42:57
Various artistsFor The Masses: A Tribute To Depeche ModeCD8/4/1998not rated1:13:56
Various artistsFreedom Of ChoiceCD11/24/1992not rated1:05:13
Various artistsFuture RetroCD2006not rated1:18:16
Various artistsFuture Trance, Volume 24CDnot rated
Various artistsGatecrasher RedCD11/16/1999not rated2:29:09
Various artistsGatecrasher: Global Sound SystemCD10/10/2000not rated2:34:52
Various artistsGekko Beginners GuideCD10/28/2002not rated2:30:08
Various artistsGirl MonsterCD10/31/2006not rated
Various artistsGlobal Indie Club PopCD2003not rated43:27
Various artistsGlobal Underground: After HoursCD2002not rated2:02:05
Various artistsGlobal Underground: Afterhours 2CD2/15/2005not rated2:10:15
Various artistsGlobal Underground: Afterhours 3CD1/29/2007not rated
Various artistsGlobal Underground: ArrivalsCD2/28/2000not rated59:55
Various artistsGlobal Underground: DeparturesCD6/22/1999not rated1:11:51
Various artistsGlobal Underground: DestinationsCD1/2/2001not rated1:03:20
Various artistsGlobal Underground: Electric Calm v2CD2003not rated1:03:21
Various artistsGlobal Underground: GU MusicCD9/28/2004not rated4:15:08
Various artistsGlobal Underground: LocationsCD1/28/2002not rated1:06:13
Various artistsGlobal Underground: PassportCD2001not rated1:04:30
Various artistsGlobal Unground 10: UnmixedCD8/3/2006not rated
Various artistsGong: You RemixedCDnot rated
Various artistsGoth Oddity: A Tribute To David BowieCD1/19/1999not rated1:03:58
Various artistsGoth-TechCD10/21/2003not rated
Various artistsGothic Compilation 46CD12/4/2009not rated
Various artistsGothikaCD2/17/2004not rated
Various artistsGridlock CD-22CD1996not rated1:06:35
Various artistsGridlock CD-4CD1994not rated1:17:32
Various artistsGridlock CD-9CD1992not rated1:14:01
Various artistsHardest Hits Volume 3CD12/26/1994not rated1:18:10
Various artistsHardest Hits Volume 4CD1/3/1995not rated1:16:53
Various artistsHardest Hits Volume 5CD3/22/1996not rated1:15:33
Various artistsHelp Can't Wait CompilationCD2009not rated2:26:16
Various artistsHistory Of TechnoCD11/26/1996not rated5:06:42
Various artistsHit That Perfect Beat, Volume 1CD10/10/1995not rated58:09
Various artistsHit That Perfect Beat, Volume 2CD10/17/1995not rated1:01:49
Various artistsHouse Of Limbo, Volume 1CD1/25/1994not rated1:18:16
Various artistsHouse Of Limbo, Volume 2CD10/18/1994not rated1:14:00
Various artistsHymns of the Worlock: A Tribute to Skinny PuppyCD1998not rated1:09:39
Various artistsI Want My 80's Box!CD7/17/2001not rated2:56:10
Various artistsI.R.S. Greatest Hips, Volume. 4: The RemixesCD5/21/1991not rated1:05:02
Various artistsIbiza EuphoriaCD7/30/1999not rated2:37:56
Various artistsIn To The Mix, Volume 1CDnot rated
Various artistsIndustrial Mix MachineCD4/21/1997not rated
Various artistsJust Say Sire: The Sire Records StoryCD9/27/2005not rated3:48:24
Various artistsJust Say YesCD11/4/1987not rated1:04:47
Various artistsJust Say Yes, Volume 2: Just Say YoCD8/16/1988not rated1:13:09
Various artistsJust Say Yes, Volume 3: Just Say MaoCD7/11/1989not rated1:18:19
Various artistsJust Say Yes, Volume 4: Just Say DaCD9/4/1990not rated1:18:45
Various artistsJust Say Yes, Volume 5: Just Say AnythingCD7/23/1991not rated1:15:16
Various artistsJust Say Yes, Volume 6: Just Say YesterdayCD9/1/1992not rated58:49
Various artistsJust Say Yes, Volume 7: Just Say RoeCD7/19/1994not rated1:10:40
Various artistsKinetik Festival Vol. 2CDnot rated2:21:02
Various artistsKk/Electrip CompilationCD6/29/1993not rated1:15:49
Various artistsLeft Of The Dial: Dispatches From The '80s UndergroundCD10/12/2004not rated
Various artistsLive Leigh Rock Festival 1979CD8/14/2006not rated
Various artistsLiving In Oblivion - '80s Greatest Hits - Vol. 2CD1993not rated1:14:37
Various artistsLiving In Oblivion - The 80's Greatest Hits Vol. 1CD1993not rated1:04:27
Various artistsLogic Euro-Dance Compilation, Volume 1CDnot rated
Various artistsLogic Trance 2CD1/24/1995not rated2:31:03
Various artistsLonely Is An EyesoreCD1987not rated42:22
Various artistsLuxurious Breath Of Catacombs: 1st DungeonCD8/13/1999not rated
Various artistsLuxurious Breath Of Catacombs: 2nd DungeonCD2/11/2000not rated
Various artistsMachineries Of JoyCDnot rated
Various artistsMaster Beat 3CD1992not rated55:43
Various artistsMaster Beat 4CD1992not rated1:02:30
Various artistsMaster Beat 5CD1992not rated1:04:09
Various artistsMaxi-MusicCD12/26/1994not rated1:15:32
Various artistsMessages: Modern Synthpop Artists Cover Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkCD2001not rated1:01:40
Various artistsMetropolis 2004CD2004not rated1:14:25
Various artistsMetropolis 2006CD2006not rated1:13:17
Various artistsMetropolis Records 2016, Volume 1CDnot rated
Various artistsMinistry Of Sound: Dance NationCD4/1996not rated2:25:19
Various artistsMinistry Of Sound: Dance Nation 2CD7/1996not rated2:22:22
Various artistsMinistry Of Sound: The AnnualCD1995not rated2:20:27
Various artistsMinistry Of Sound: The Annual 1999-2000CD4/2/1999not rated2:31:29
Various artistsMinistry Of Sound: The Annual 2000CD10/30/2000not rated2:34:16
Various artistsMinistry Of Sound: The Annual 2002CD11/5/2001not rated1:13:12
Various artistsMinistry Of Sound: The Annual IVCD11/2/1998not rated2:32:26
Various artistsMonty Python's Spamalot SamplerCDnot rated
Various artistsMonty Python: The Final Rip OffCDnot rated
Various artistsMuzik Presents: Trance ClassicsCD11/2002not rated1:13:08
Various artistsNDW: Die Grössten Hits Der Neuen Deutschen WelleCD11/8/2004not rated
Various artistsNacht Der Maschinen, Volume 1CD2007not rated1:17:51
Various artistsNag Nag NagCD2/17/2004not rated
Various artistsNatural Born TechnoCD7/14/1995not rated
Various artistsNeue Heimat 3CD3/8/2004not rated
Various artistsNew Beat: Edit 1CD1990not rated1:04:26
Various artistsNew Life: 13 Years of Electronic LustCDnot rated
Various artistsNew Music Sampler 2006 From NilaihahCD2006not rated1:12:07
Various artistsNew Violent Breed, Volume 1CD7/16/2007not rated
Various artistsNew Wave Club Class-X 3CD1992not rated1:01:27
Various artistsNew Wave Club Class-X 7CD1995not rated1:05:48
Various artistsNewer WaveCD2/28/1997not rated1:09:35
Various artistsNewer Wave 2.0CD9/29/1998not rated1:13:59
Various artistsNo Thanks! The '70s Punk RebellionCD10/28/2003not rated
Various artistsNon-Stop Electro Cabaret: A Tribute To Soft CellCD9/23/2003not rated53:15
Various artistsNova Mute: Version 1.1CD10/25/1993not rated1:34:34
Various artistsOff The MapCD1992not rated1:14:02
Various artistsPerfection: The Perfect CompilationCDnot rated
Various artistsPerfection: The Perfecto CompilationCD9/24/1996not rated1:05:01
Various artistsPerfecto CollectionCD4/23/2002not rated3:23:00
Various artistsPlatinum On Black: The Final ChapterCD1/13/1998not rated1:16:24
Various artistsPlatipus 10 SquaredCD7/1/2002not rated2:37:27
Various artistsPlatipus Records, Volume 4CD11/20/1998not rated1:18:29
Various artistsPlatipus Records, Volume 5CD8/21/2001not rated
Various artistsPlatipus Records, Volume 8CDnot rated
Various artistsPlatipus TenCD8/8/2006not rated
Various artistsPop 2000: Das Gibt's Nur EinmalCD10/25/1999not rated
Various artistsPoptartzCD11/9/1995not rated4:58:23
Various artistsPrehistoric Razormaid!CDnot rated
Various artistsProgressive Trance TracksCD11/14/1995not rated1:08:22
Various artistsPsychotranceCD5/25/1994not rated1:11:20
Various artistsPsychotrance 2CD2/1/1995not rated1:12:09
Various artistsPsychotrance 2000CD9/21/1999not rated1:13:56
Various artistsPsychotrance 2001CD6/13/2000not rated1:13:42
Various artistsPsychotrance 2002CD3/27/2001not rated1:08:22
Various artistsPsychotrance 5CD8/26/1997not rated1:08:57
Various artistsPunk Goes 80'sCD2005not rated57:58
Various artistsRabbit In The Moon Remixes, Volume 2CDnot rated
Various artistsRandom 2, Another Tribute To Gary NumanCD3/10/1998not rated1:09:48
Various artistsRandom: A Tribute To Gary NumanCD6/10/1997not rated2:00:27
Various artistsRazormaid "10.5"CD1991not rated1:13:36
Various artistsRazormaid "D-9"CD1991not rated1:10:36
Various artistsRazormaid "I-8"CD1991not rated1:14:29
Various artistsRazormaid "M-6"CD1991not rated1:20:00
Various artistsRazormaid "O-4"CD1991not rated1:20:01
Various artistsRazormaid 7th Aniversary Box SetCD1992not rated9:16:05
Various artistsRe:Connected [1.0]CD8/11/2004not rated
Various artistsRe:Connected [3.0]CD11/7/2008not rated
Various artistsReact Test SixCD8/4/1997not rated1:18:30
Various artistsReactivate 01: The Belgian Techno AnthemsCD1991not rated50:38
Various artistsReactivate 02: Techno, Trance & Hard HouseCD9/25/2001not rated
Various artistsReactivate 04: TechnovationCD1992not rated1:02:28
Various artistsReactivate 05: Pure Trance & TechnoCD1992not rated1:17:26
Various artistsReactivate 06: Trance EuropaCD11/1992not rated1:17:05
Various artistsReactivate 07: Aquasonic TranceCD5/1993not rated1:06:23
Various artistsReactivate 09: Razorsharp Beats+BytesCD7/19/1994not rated1:19:37
Various artistsReactivate 11: Stinger Beats & Techno RaysCD11/5/1996not rated1:13:33
Various artistsReactivate: The Best Of ReactivateCD2/10/2000not rated3:23:14
Various artistsRebirth 2.0CD2009not rated1:16:32
Various artistsRed Hot + BlueCD1990not rated1:17:55
Various artistsReinventing The 80'sCD1997not rated1:14:12
Various artistsRemixed To Hell: An AC/DC TributeCD2000not rated55:58
Various artistsResist The Command 2: Resistance Is NOT FutileCD4/1/2001not rated
Various artistsRetro Remixed 2: Rare & RefashionedCD6/13/2005not rated1:16:20
Various artistsRetro:Active 4 - Rare And RemixedCD2005not rated1:16:06
Various artistsRetro:Active 6: Rare & RemixedCDnot rated1:15:50
Various artistsRetro:Active, Volume 5CD10/3/2006not rated
Various artistsRetro:Active: Rare & RemixedCD5/25/2004not rated1:17:18
Various artistsRetro:Active: Rare & Remixed 2CD5/11/2004not rated
Various artistsRetro:RemixedCD2005not rated1:16:51
Various artistsReturn To The Classixx, Volume1 (Limited Edition)CD1/16/2009not rated1:12:00
Various artistsReturn To The Source: Shamanic TranceCDnot rated
Various artistsRichard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Volume 1CD12/13/1993not rated1:05:59
Various artistsRichard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Volume 2CD1/11/1994not rated1:04:29
Various artistsRichard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Volume 3CD1/11/1994not rated55:21
Various artistsRichard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Volume 4CD5/16/1994not rated1:00:05
Various artistsRichard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Volume 5CD10/28/1994not rated52:17
Various artistsRichard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Volume 6CD10/28/1994not rated58:45
Various artistsRough Trade Shops: 25 YearsCD3/5/2001not rated
Various artistsSaturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest HitsCD12/5/1995not rated1:05:40
Various artistsSedated In The Eighties, Volume 4CD12/5/1995not rated1:01:52
Various artistsSeismic Sound 1CD1992not rated1:19:31
Various artistsSeismic Sound 7CD1992not rated1:07:35
Various artistsSepticCD1/22/1999not rated
Various artistsSeptic 2CD10/2/2001not rated
Various artistsSeptic 5CD2/28/2005not rated
Various artistsSeptic 8CD2009not rated1:18:31
Various artistsSeptic 9CD9/24/2010not rated
Various artistsSharks Patrol These Waters: The Best Of Volume TooCD6/13/1995not rated2:35:28
Various artistsSlinky Tech-niqueCD2/9/2000not rated2:27:31
Various artistsSlumberlandCD1997not rated1:00:09
Various artistsSometimes: A Tribute To ErasureCD5/25/1999not rated44:00
Various artistsSongs In The Key Of Death: A Deathkey CompilationCD2008not rated1:13:55
Various artistsSongs Of The Siren 2CD5/18/1999not rated47:05
Various artistsSonologie OneCDnot rated1:14:12
Various artistsSounds From the Matrix 08CDnot rated
Various artistsState Of Synthpop 2003CD2003not rated6:38:21
Various artistsStiff Records Box SetCD8/4/1992not rated
Various artistsStrangelove Volume 7CD4/25/2003not rated
Various artistsSuccour: The Terrascope Benefit AlbumCD1996not rated2:36:38
Various artistsSwitched OnCD2001not rated2:38:14
Various artistsSynthpop Club AnthemsCD5/20/2002not rated1:19:54
Various artistsSynthpop Club Anthems 2CD6/16/2003not rated1:18:21
Various artistsSynthpop Club Anthems 3CD7/6/2004not rated1:17:23
Various artistsSynthpop Club Anthems 4CD2005not rated1:55:59
Various artistsSynthpop For A Darkened RoomCD1/15/2003not rated1:18:49
Various artistsSynthpop For A Darkened Room 4CD8/21/2007not rated
Various artistsTame YourselfCD2/1/1991not rated55:40
Various artistsTechnohedzCD1996not rated1:16:19
Various artistsThe All Time Greatest Hits of Dance 2CD1993not rated3:11:51
Various artistsThe House Of Groove: Arista's Most Fierce TracksCD1993not rated48:16
Various artistsThe Original 80s Remix Box SetCD2/19/2007not rated
Various artistsThe Perfecto Album: Remixes By Oakenfold And OsbourneCD1994not rated1:19:29
Various artistsThe Very Best Of Dr. DementoCD2/6/2001not rated57:45
Various artistsThe Very Best of Razormaid VCD1990not rated2:37:00
Various artistsThe Very Best of Razormaid VIIICD1991not rated1:12:28
Various artistsThe World's Greatest Club Collection!: Remixed Smash HitsCD7/23/1998not rated1:14:03
Various artistsThese People Are NutsCD1989not rated1:14:24
Various artistsThis Is ElectroclashCD2/25/2003not rated2:59:30
Various artistsThis Is Electronic Body MusicCD1988not rated52:07
Various artistsThis Is Neo-GothCD6/10/2003not rated
Various artistsThis Is Only A Test! 14CD1992not rated1:06:44
Various artistsTradeCD4/28/1998not rated1:14:57
Various artistsTrance AnthemsCD2/9/2001not rated3:29:18
Various artistsTrance AtlanticCD1/1/1995not rated
Various artistsTrance Europe ExpressCD9/20/1993not rated2:38:15
Various artistsTrance Europe Express, Volume 2CD1996not rated2:38:19
Various artistsTrance Europe Express, Volume 3CD8/11/1994not rated2:29:45
Various artistsTrance League ExpressCD2/25/1997not rated54:24
Various artistsTrance Mix '99CD1999not rated2:36:20
Various artistsTrance NationCD5/17/1999not rated2:33:49
Various artistsTrance Nation AmericaCD6/10/2000not rated2:24:01
Various artistsTrance Nation, Volume 3CD5/1/2000not rated2:32:12
Various artistsTrancefusion 2CD5/5/1994not rated1:17:13
Various artistsTrancespotting 2CD1998not rated
Various artistsTrancewerk Express, Volume ICD7/11/1995not rated1:08:21
Various artistsTransit Position 01CD1993not rated1:11:25
Various artistsTransit Position 07CD1993not rated1:07:24
Various artistsTransit Position 13CDnot rated1:09:40
Various artistsTransit Position 18CD1996not rated1:06:02
Various artistsTresor 2CD3/4/1993not rated1:17:56
Various artistsTresor 3CD4/25/1995not rated1:06:54
Various artistsTribute To New OrderCD7/24/2001not rated
Various artistsTribute: A Tribute To Public Image LimitedCD2005not rated1:06:52
Various artistsUltimate Dream CollectionCDnot rated
Various artistsUltra 80's vs ElectroCDnot rated
Various artistsUnited State Of Ambience IICD7/27/1994not rated1:12:34
Various artistsUrbal BeatsCD7/29/1997not rated1:16:51
Various artistsVery Introspective, Actually: A Tribute To Pet Shop BoysCD5/30/2005not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 01CD1991not rated1:17:54
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 02CD1991not rated1:19:18
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 03CD1992not rated1:17:11
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 04CD8/25/1993not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 05CD1992not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 06CD5/1/1993not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 07CD1993not rated1:18:39
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 08CD10/21/1993not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 09CD2/17/1994not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 10CD5/12/1994not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 11CD10/17/1994not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 12CD12/12/1994not rated
Various artistsVolume Magazine, Volume 15: Technology AlertCD1/23/1996not rated1:40:54
Various artistsWasted: The Best Of Volume, Part 1CD5/2/1995not rated2:35:56
Various artistsWe Are Not DevoCD9/30/1997not rated38:25
Various artistsWe Came To Dance, Volume 11CD1998not rated2:32:36
Various artistsWe Came To Dance, Volume 6CD12/1/1994not rated
Various artistsWelcome To The FutureCD6/8/1993not rated1:13:20
Various artistsWelcome To The Future 2CD8/2/1994not rated1:16:04
Various artistsWelcome To The TechnodromeCD1/1/1990not rated1:04:05
Various artistsWelcome to the Future - Vol. 4CD1997not rated1:14:28
Various artistsWidescreen:16:9:V1CD5/16/2001not rated1:19:47
Various artistsWipeout XLCD10/15/1996not rated1:18:18
Various artistsWired: New Directions In DanceCD1/23/1997not rated2:34:54
Various artistsWorld Of Synthpop 3CD4/12/2001not rated
Various artistssynthphony remixed! vol. 6CD7/25/2005not rated