Leæther Strip (29 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Leæther StripAengelmakerCD7/14/2009not rated
Leæther StripAfter The DevastationCD1/31/2006not rated2:18:10
Leæther StripAnal Cabaret: A Tribute To Soft CellCD6/23/1998not rated27:32
Leæther StripCarry Me singleCD5/9/2000not rated41:32
Leæther StripCivil DisobedienceCD7/29/2008not rated
Leæther StripDouble Or NothingCD3/14/1995not rated1:33:03
Leæther StripFit For FloggingCD6/11/1993not rated49:51
Leæther StripLegacy Of Hate And LustCD9/28/1995not rated1:01:38
Leæther StripOne Nine Eight TwoCDnot rated
Leæther StripPenetrate The Satanic CitizenCD1993not rated1:17:06
Leæther StripPositive DepressionCD1994not rated24:58
Leæther StripRetrospectiveCD1997not rated1:14:43
Leæther StripSatanic Reasons: The Very Best OfCD4/18/2005not rated
Leæther StripScience For The Satanic CitizenCD1990not rated38:58
Leæther StripSelf-InflictedCD7/15/1997not rated59:21
Leæther StripSerenade For The DeadCD1995not rated1:06:38
Leæther StripSolitary ConfinementCD8/13/1993not rated1:00:47
Leæther StripSuicide BombersCD10/28/2005not rated37:29
Leæther StripThe Giant Minutes To The DawnCD4/3/2007not rated
Leæther StripThe HourglassCDnot rated
Leæther StripThe Pleasure Of ReproductionCD10/15/2007not rated
Leæther StripThe Pleasure of PenetrationVinylnot rated
Leæther StripThe Pleasure of Penetration (Remastered)CDnot rated
Leæther StripThe Rebirth Of AgonyCD10/15/1996not rated58:45
Leæther StripUnderneath The LaughterCD4/22/1994not rated58:43
Leæther StripWalking On VolcanosCD7/11/2006not rated
Leæther StripYes I'm Limited Volume IICD7/21/1998not rated1:02:34
Leæther StripYes I'm Limited Volume IIICD11/10/1998not rated2:14:15
Leæther StripÆngelmaker (Limited Edition)CD4/3/2009not rated