Front Line Assembly (31 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Front Line AssemblyArtificial SoldierCD7/3/2006not rated
Front Line AssemblyCaustic GripCD1991not rated52:05
Front Line AssemblyCircuitry singleCD1995not rated35:46
Front Line AssemblyCivilizationCD1/20/2004not rated56:55
Front Line AssemblyColombian Necktie singleCD1998not rated27:28
Front Line AssemblyComatose singleCD5/19/1998not rated26:07
Front Line AssemblyComplete Total TerrorCD1/27/2004not rated2:17:28
Front Line AssemblyCorroded DisorderCD11/21/1995not rated1:19:19
Front Line AssemblyEpitaphCD10/9/2001not rated1:07:45
Front Line AssemblyExplosionCD1999not rated1:14:34
Front Line AssemblyFLAvour Of The WeakCD1/6/1998not rated1:01:15
Front Line AssemblyFatalist singleCD1999not rated33:48
Front Line AssemblyHard WiredCD11/14/1995not rated1:02:15
Front Line AssemblyIceolate singleCD1990not rated18:24
Front Line AssemblyImplodeCD5/4/1999not rated1:05:25
Front Line AssemblyMillenniumCD1994not rated1:02:53
Front Line AssemblyMillennium singleCD1994not rated24:53
Front Line AssemblyMindphaser singleCD1992not rated23:04
Front Line AssemblyNo Limit singleCD1989not rated
Front Line AssemblyPlasticity singleCD1996not rated19:05
Front Line AssemblyProvision singleCD1990not rated13:07
Front Line AssemblyRe-windCD8/18/1998not rated1:44:03
Front Line AssemblyReclamationCD10/7/1997not rated1:14:39
Front Line AssemblyState Of MindCD1988not rated58:18
Front Line AssemblySurface Patterns singleCD1995not rated23:46
Front Line AssemblyTactical Neural ImplantCD4/28/1992not rated45:04
Front Line AssemblyThe Blade singleCD1992not rated24:49
Front Line AssemblyThe Initial CommandCD1987not rated48:49
Front Line AssemblyTotal Terror Part 1CD1994not rated1:09:08
Front Line AssemblyVanished singleCD2004not rated34:40
Front Line AssemblyVirus singleCD1991not rated16:58