Front 242 (31 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Front 24205:22:09:12 OffCD11/2/1993not rated1:11:19
Front 24206:21:03:11 Up EvilCD5/25/1993not rated58:36
Front 242Angels Versus AnimalsCD11/1/1994not rated56:06
Front 242Animal singleCD1993not rated14:15
Front 242Back CatalogueCD1987not rated1:10:29
Front 242Endless RiddanceCD1987not rated13:07
Front 242Front By FrontCD1988not rated1:10:06
Front 242GeographyCD1988not rated32:50
Front 242Geography (Re-release)CD4/28/1992not rated44:15
Front 242Headhunter 2000CD12/22/1998not rated1:44:50
Front 242Headhunter 2000 singleCD1999not rated1:11:48
Front 242Headhunter singleCD1989not rated13:34
Front 242Live CodeCD1994not rated1:00:45
Front 242Masterhit singleCD1989not rated16:54
Front 242Masterhit single (AT)CD1987not rated18:53
Front 242Mixed By FearCD1/2/1992not rated31:39
Front 242Moments...1CD10/7/2008not rated
Front 242Mut@ge.Mix@geCD10/28/1997not rated1:12:38
Front 242Never Stop singleCD1989not rated23:05
Front 242No Comment (Reissue)CD1984not rated52:56
Front 242Offical Version (Rerelease)CD1989not rated1:00:44
Front 242PulseCD5/6/2003not rated1:15:03
Front 242Re:boot: Live '98CD7/21/1998not rated1:08:56
Front 242Reissue SamplerCD1992not rated1:05:33
Front 242Religion singleCD1993not rated39:51
Front 242Religion singleCD1993not rated18:48
Front 242Rhythm Of Time singleCD1991not rated20:14
Front 242Still & RawCD4/8/2003not rated27:58
Front 242The Politics Of PressureCD1988not rated21:08
Front 242Tragedy >For You< singleCD1990not rated32:56
Front 242Tyranny >For You<CD1/29/1991not rated54:49