µ soundtrack (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
µ soundtrackTurn: Washington's SpiesCDnot rated
µ soundtrackThe Matrix OMPSCD3/30/1999not rated1:02:36
µ soundtrackThe Lost Boys OMPSCD1987not rated43:50
µ soundtrackThe Crying Game OMPSCD2/23/1993not rated49:09
µ soundtrackThe Crow OMPSCDnot rated
µ soundtrackTank Girl OMPSCD3/28/1995not rated42:04
µ soundtrackSongs From The Cool WorldCD7/14/1992not rated1:09:24
µ soundtrackSid & Nancy OMPSCD1986not rated37:41
µ soundtrackRun Lola Run OMPSCD6/15/1999not rated1:17:19
µ soundtrackQueer As Folk: The Second SeasonCD5/7/2002not rated57:49
µ soundtrackPretty In Pink OMPSCD1986not rated39:25
µ soundtrackNightmare Before Christmas: Nightmare RevisitedCDnot rated
µ soundtrackNatural Born Killers OMPSCD8/23/1994not rated1:15:37
µ soundtrackMoulin Rouge OMPSCD5/8/2001not rated57:00
µ soundtrackMission: Impossible OMPSCD5/14/1996not rated1:04:45
µ soundtrackElectric Dreams OMPSCD1984not rated34:41
µ soundtrackChessCD1984not rated1:33:53