Toto (68 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Toto2 HeartsCD1992not rated16:44
TotoAbsolutely LiveCD1993not rated1:22:56
TotoAfricaCD1991not rated17:27
TotoAltusried 2012WAV8/16/2012not rated
TotoAnother side of the lineCDRnot rated2:22:43
TotoBottom of your soulCD2006not rated22:58
TotoCan you hear what I'm sayingCDnot rated
TotoCaught in the balanceCD2002not rated2:25:33
TotoCould you be lovedCD2002not rated12:17
TotoDon't chain my heartCD1992not rated17:09
TotoDreamfieldsCD1999not rated
TotoDuneCD1984not rated41:37
TotoDuneCD1984not rated
TotoEnergyCD1990not rated1:01:56
TotoFahrenheitCD1986not rated44:12
TotoFalling In BetweenCD2006not rated50:43
TotoFrom OZ to JapanCDnot rated
TotoGoodbye BobbyCD1982not rated
TotoHallenstadion ZurichCDR1999not rated2:18:05
TotoHold me backCDRnot rated1:17:45
TotoHold the demosCDnot rated
TotoHold the line7" vinyl1978not rated7:13
TotoHydraCD1979not rated41:24
TotoHydraCD1979not rated41:22
TotoI Will RememberCD1995not rated19:08
TotoI'll be over you7" vinyl1986not rated7:51
TotoIsolationCD1984not rated42:01
TotoJazz Festivel MontreuxCDR1991****1:14:09
TotoKingdom Of DesireCD1992not rated1:09:36
TotoKingdom of DesireCD1992not rated1:13:55
TotoLe ZenithCDR2004not rated2:25:51
TotoLive 1980CD1980not rated42:46
TotoLive @ Castello Scaligero Villafranca VeronaWAV7/17/2011not rated
TotoLive @ Wiblinger Hof UlmWAV2011not rated
TotoLive in AmsterdamDVD2004not rated
TotoLivefieldsCD1999not rated1:33:37
TotoLuellaCDR1996not rated56:39
TotoMelanieCD1999not rated8:29
TotoMidfyn FestivalCDR1991not rated1:27:27
TotoMilano 2000CDR2000not rated2:21:48
TotoMindfieldsCD1999not rated1:19:13
TotoOut in the Green Frauenfeld SwitzerlandCDR7/6/1991not rated1:23:28
TotoOut of loveCD1990not rated
TotoOut of love in OldenburgCDR1990not rated59:14
TotoPamelaCD1988not rated
TotoPapa Was a Sexy DancerCDR1993not rated1:00:28
TotoPapa was a sexy dancerCDR1992not rated3:15:56
TotoPast To PresentCD1990not rated1:05:02
TotoRunawayCD1982not rated
TotoSchwäbisch Gmünd 2012WAV8/5/2012not rated
TotoStop loving youCD1988not rated14:40
TotoTambuCD1995not rated1:06:21
TotoTambu Tour JapanCD1996not rated
TotoTambu live in SwedenCD1995not rated
TotoThe Seventh OneCD1988not rated54:03
TotoThe last night in NagoyaCDRnot rated2:01:03
TotoThrough the looking glassCD2002not rated55:42
TotoTill the endlessCD1986not rated
TotoTotoCD1978not rated40:50
TotoToto IVCD1982not rated42:18
TotoToto IVCD1982not rated42:05
TotoTribute to JeffCDR1992*****3:34:06
TotoTurn BackCD1981not rated37:39
TotoTurn BackCD1981not rated37:41
TotoUnpluggedCD1999not rated1:09:12
TotoXX (1977-1997)CD1998not rated1:09:21
TotoXXICDR1998not rated1:02:29
Totolive in BöblingenWAV2/11/2003not rated