Suzanne Vega (37 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Suzanne Vega99.9 F DegreesCD1992not rated7:55
Suzanne VegaCD1992not rated39:45
Suzanne Vega99.9F Collectors SingleCD1992not rated15:18
Suzanne VegaCD1992not rated39:45
Suzanne VegaBeauty & CrimeCD2007not rated34:22
Suzanne VegaBirth-dayCDnot rated
Suzanne VegaBlood Makes NoiseCD2002not rated12:59
Suzanne VegaBlood makes noiseCD1992not rated10:39
Suzanne VegaBlood makes noise12" vinyl1992not rated
Suzanne VegaBook of DreamsCD1990not rated17:21
Suzanne VegaBy invitation onlyCD1998not rated
Suzanne VegaCaramelCD2001not rated2:55
Suzanne VegaCaramelCD1996not rated
Suzanne VegaDancing GirlCD1993not rated1:15:50
Suzanne VegaDays Of Open HandCD1990not rated45:50
Suzanne VegaHeadshotsCD1997not rated13:13
Suzanne VegaIn LiverpoolCD1992not rated17:57
Suzanne VegaLittle Big WomanCD1987not rated1:00:28
Suzanne VegaLive in London12" vinyl1986not rated
Suzanne VegaLukaCD1988not rated10:59
Suzanne VegaMaking Noise: The 99.9F World TourCD1993not rated25:00
Suzanne VegaMen in a WarCD1990not rated13:07
Suzanne VegaNeighborhood KidsCD1994not rated44:23
Suzanne VegaPaderbornCDR2001not rated49:53
Suzanne VegaRosemarieCD1999not rated3:25
Suzanne VegaSessions At West 54thCD1997not rated24:41
Suzanne VegaSolitude StandingCD1987not rated44:21
Suzanne VegaSolitude standingCD1988not rated
Suzanne VegaSongs In Red And GrayCD2001not rated45:31
Suzanne VegaSuzanne VegaCD1985not rated35:49
Suzanne VegaThe long voyageCD1995not rated9:41
Suzanne VegaTired of sleepingCD1990not rated
Suzanne VegaTried And TrueCD1998not rated59:35
Suzanne VegaTried and TrueCD2000not rated23:31
Suzanne VegaWhen heroes go downCD1992not rated1:55
Suzanne VegaWorld Before ColombusCD1/20/2004not rated
Suzanne Vegashort but sweetCD1993not rated37:11