Neil Finn (49 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Neil Finn4th & B, San DiegoCDR2003not rated1:45:21
Neil Finn9.30 Club Washington DCCD2003not rated1:12:16
Neil FinnAbbey Road studiosCDR1998not rated1:11:36
Neil FinnBBC Radio2 ShowCDRnot rated52:53
Neil FinnBorderlineCDR2001not rated1:54:37
Neil FinnCan You Hear UsCD1999not rated8:33
Neil FinnCold Chapel WebcastCDR2001not rated1:49:30
Neil FinnDISC2FLACnot rated2:14
Neil FinnDot Music WebcastCDR2002not rated1:05:05
Neil FinnEncore!CDR1999not rated1:14:00
Neil FinnGary Cowley showCDR2001not rated55:12
Neil FinnHole In The IceCD2001not rated12:18
Neil FinnHole in the iceCD2001not rated11:53
Neil FinnHole in the iceCD2001not rated4:10
Neil FinnIrving plazaCDRnot rated2:09:04
Neil FinnLargoCDR1999not rated1:43:53
Neil FinnLargo 13. Aug. 1998 CD1CDR1998not rated48:13
Neil FinnLast One StandingCD1999not rated21:27
Neil FinnLast one standingCD1999not rated
Neil FinnLast to knowCD2001not rated
Neil FinnLive In BrusselsMP31998not rated
Neil FinnLive in AmericaCDnot rated
Neil FinnLive in the UKCD2001not rated1:10:33
Neil FinnMountain Music Lounge, SeattleCDR2002not rated46:24
Neil FinnNilfun WebcastCDR2001not rated1:38:17
Neil FinnOne AllCD2002not rated49:07
Neil FinnOne All - Interview Bonus CDCDR2002not rated23:54
Neil FinnOne NilCD2001not rated48:46
Neil FinnOne On OneCD2001not rated1:12:05
Neil FinnPalace TheatreCDR2001not rated1:46:06
Neil FinnRecovery Session/Channel9 showCDR1998not rated1:11:58
Neil FinnSan Juan CapistranoCDR1998not rated1:53:46
Neil FinnSan Juan Capistrano 1996CDR1996not rated1:53:56
Neil FinnSeattleCDR2002not rated1:59:38
Neil FinnSessions at west 54thDVD2000not rated
Neil FinnShe Will Have Her WayCD1998not rated11:23
Neil FinnShe will have her wayCD1998not rated
Neil FinnSinnerCD1998not rated4:00
Neil FinnSinnerCD1998not rated
Neil FinnSongs From Neil Finn (free with Independent On Sunday)CD2001not rated18:41
Neil FinnThe Gothic Theatre, DenverCDR2003not rated1:58:03
Neil FinnTorontoCDR2001not rated2:10:50
Neil FinnTry Whistling ThisCD1998not rated1:15:16
Neil FinnV2001CDR2001not rated1:06:37
Neil FinnWherever You AreCD2001not rated11:34
Neil FinnWherever You AreCD2001not rated10:14
Neil FinnWherever you areCD2001not rated3:28
Neil FinnWollongongFLAC2004not rated1:50:27
Neil Finnrest of the day offCD2001not rated11:02