Marc Almond (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Marc AlmondA Virgin's Tale - Volume ICD1992not rated50:52
Marc AlmondA Virgin's Tale - Volume IICD1992not rated55:02
Marc AlmondA lover spurned12" vinyl1990not rated16:59
Marc AlmondA womans story12" vinyl1986not rated20:27
Marc AlmondAbsinthe: The French AlbumCD1993not rated44:07
Marc AlmondEnchantedCD1990not rated46:03
Marc AlmondHeart On SnowCD2003not rated1:07:54
Marc AlmondLove letter12" vinyl1985****
Marc AlmondMother Fist and her Five DaughtersCD1987not rated50:06
Marc AlmondOnly the moment12" vinyl1988not rated16:53
Marc AlmondStories of Johnny12" vinyl1985not rated16:59
Marc AlmondStories of JohnnyCD1985not rated53:55
Marc AlmondThe Days of Pearly SpencerCD1992not rated16:35
Marc AlmondThe Stars We AreCD1988not rated58:03
Marc AlmondThe house in haunted (by the echo of your last goodbye)12" vinyl1985not rated27:40
Marc Almondthe desperate hours - extended flamenco mix12" vinyl1990not rated17:23