Bruce Cockburn (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bruce CockburnBig CircumstanceCD1989not rated1:01:18
Bruce CockburnBreakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In TimbuktuCD9/14/1999not rated
Bruce CockburnCircles in the StreamCD6/28/2005not rated
Bruce CockburnDancing in the Dragon's JawsCD11/12/1991not rated
Bruce CockburnDart To The HeartCD1994not rated49:03
Bruce CockburnHumansCD1980not rated
Bruce CockburnInner City FrontCD1981not rated
Bruce CockburnLife Short Call NowCD7/18/2006not rated
Bruce CockburnMummy DustCD1/1/1982not rated
Bruce CockburnNothing But A Burning LightCD1991not rated1:00:23
Bruce CockburnStealing FireCD10/7/2003not rated
Bruce CockburnThe Charity of NightCD2/4/1997not rated
Bruce CockburnTrouble With NormalCD11/19/2002not rated
Bruce CockburnWorld Of WondersCD1992not rated44:03
Bruce CockburnYou Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance LiveCD1/13/1998not rated
Bruce CockburnYou've Never Seen EverythingCD6/10/2003not rated