Bic Runga (21 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bic RungaBeautiful CollisionCD2002not rated1:03:56
Bic RungaBeautiful collision samplerCD2002not rated
Bic RungaBelleM4P11/14/2011not rated32:25
Bic RungaBirdsCD2005not rated44:42
Bic RungaBursting Through EPCD1997not rated8:03
Bic RungaDriveCD1995not rated16:09
Bic RungaDriveCD1997not rated41:31
Bic RungaDriveCD1997not rated17:39
Bic RungaGet Some sleepCDR2003not rated
Bic RungaGet some sleepCD2002not rated10:02
Bic RungaHeyCD1998not rated8:03
Bic RungaListening for the weatherCD2000not rated9:18
Bic RungaLive in Concert with the Christchurch Symphony OrchestraCD2003not rated46:19
Bic RungaRoll into oneCD1997not rated
Bic RungaSomething goodCD2004not rated3:17
Bic RungaSomething goodCD2002not rated10:38
Bic RungaSorryCD1999not rated10:06
Bic RungaSuddenly StrangeCD1997not rated11:04
Bic RungaSwayCD1998not rated3:57
Bic RungaTry to Remember EverythingCD2008not rated42:56
Bic RungaWinning ArrowCD2005not rated7:01