Jerry Lee Lewis
Last Man Standing - The Duets

Jerry Lee Lewis - Last Man Standing - The Duets

  • Release date: 2006
  • Genre: Rock & Roll
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Rock & Roll
  • Duration: 1:06:43
  • not rated
  • Added February 24, 2007
  • Played March 3, 2007


1. Rock And Roll (Feat. Jimmy Page)not rated2:14
2. Before The Night Is Over (Feat. B.B. King)not rated3:39
3. Pink Cadillac (Feat. Bruce Springsteen)not rated3:55
4. Evening Gown (Feat. Mick Jagger & Ronnie Wood)not rated3:57
5. You Don't Have To Go (Feat. Neil Young)not rated4:00
6. Twilight (Feat. Robbie Robertson)not rated2:48
7. Travelin' Band (Feat. John Fogerty)not rated2:01
8. That Kind Of Fool (Feat. Keith Richard)not rated4:14
9. Sweet Little Sixteen (Feat. Ringo Starr)not rated3:04
10. Just A Bummin' Around (Feat. Merle Haggard)not rated2:43
11. Honky Tonk Woman (Feat. Kid Rock)not rated2:21
12. What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Feat. Rod Stewart)not rated2:39
13. Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age (Feat. George Jones)not rated1:59
14. Couple More Years (Feat. Willie Nelson)not rated5:13
15. Ol' Glory (Feat. Toby Keith)not rated2:05
16. Trouble In Mind (Feat. Eric Clapton)not rated3:49
17. I Saw Her Standing There (Feat. Little Richard)not rated2:21
18. Lost Highway (Feat. Delaney Bramlett)not rated2:59
19. Hadacol Boogie (Feat. Buddy Guy)not rated3:18
20. What Makes The Irish Heart Beat (Feat. Don Henley)not rated4:12
21. The Pilgrim (Feat. Kris Kristofferson)not rated3:00

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