Andreas Vollenweider
Book of Roses

Andreas Vollenweider - Book of Roses

  • Release date: 1991
  • Format: CD
  • Category: folk
  • not rated
  • Added July 12, 2007


1. Chapter One: La Streganot rated0:00
2. Chapter One: The Grand Ball of the Duljasnot rated0:00
3. Chapter One: Morning at Boma Parknot rated0:00
4. Chapter One: The Five Curtainsnot rated0:00
5. Chapter One: Book of Rosesnot rated0:00
6. Chapter One: In Doga Gameenot rated0:00
7. Chapter One: Passage to Promisenot rated0:00
8. Chapter Two: In the Woods of Kroandalnot rated0:00
9. Chapter Two: Jugglers in Obsidiannot rated0:00
10. Chapter Three: Chanson de l'Heure Bleuenot rated0:00
11. Chapter Three: Czippa and the Ursanian Girlnot rated0:00
12. Chapter Three: The Birds of Tilmunnot rated0:00
13. Chapter Three: Hirzelnot rated0:00
14. Chapter Four: Jours d'Amournot rated0:00
15. Chapter Four: Manto's Arrow and the Sphinxnot rated0:00
16. Chapter Four: Letters to a Young Rosenot rated0:00
17. Overtuerli [Live][*]not rated0:00
18. Book of Roses [Live][*]not rated0:00
19. Hey You! Yes You... [Edit][*]not rated0:00
20. Book of Roses: A Visit at the Studio/About Storytelling with Music [*][ -not rated0:00
21. Book of Roses Promotional Video [*][Multimedia Track]not rated0:00
22. Introducing Vox (Interviews, Studio Work, Live, Background Information)not rated0:00

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