Bonnie Tyler
The Very Best Of

Bonnie Tyler - The Very Best Of

  • Release date: 1993
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: CD
  • Category: pop
  • Duration: 1:16:52
  • not rated
  • Added November 3, 2004


1. Lost In Francenot rated3:55
2. It's A Heartachenot rated3:30
3. Here Am Inot rated3:49
4. Total Eclipse Of The Heartnot rated6:58
5. Straight From The Heartnot rated3:42
6. An' Good Way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love)not rated2:53
7. Holding Out For A Heronot rated5:49
8. Loving You Is A Dirty Job But Somebody's Gotta Do Itnot rated7:48
9. If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)not rated5:15
10. Islandsnot rated4:18
11. Hide Your Heartnot rated4:22
12. Save Up All Your Tearsnot rated4:20
13. Bitterbluenot rated3:48
14. Against The Windnot rated3:38
15. Where Were Younot rated4:54
16. Till The End Of Timenot rated3:49
17. I Can't Leave Your Love Alonenot rated4:01

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