Roger Waters
Amused to Death

Roger Waters - Amused to Death

  • Release date: 9/1/1992
  • Format: CD
  • Category: wanted
  • not rated
  • Added December 3, 2006


1. The Ballad Of Bill Hubbardnot rated0:00
2. What God Wants, Part Inot rated0:00
3. Perfect Sense, Part Inot rated0:00
4. Perfect Sense, Part IInot rated0:00
5. The Bravery Of Being Out Of Rangenot rated0:00
6. Late Home Tonight, Part Inot rated0:00
7. Late Home Tonight, Part IInot rated0:00
8. Too Much Ropenot rated0:00
9. What God Wants, Part IInot rated0:00
10. What God Wants, Part IIInot rated0:00
11. Watching TVnot rated0:00
12. Three Wishesnot rated0:00
13. It's A Miraclenot rated0:00
14. Amused To Deathnot rated0:00

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