Peter Allen
Captured Live at Carnegie Hall

Peter Allen - Captured Live at Carnegie Hall

  • Release date: 11/9/1999
  • Format: CD
  • Category: wanted
  • not rated
  • Added December 2, 2006


1. Not The Boy Next Doornot rated0:00
2. Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)not rated0:00
3. I Could Have Been A Sailornot rated0:00
4. You Haven't Heard The Last Of Me/Fade To Blacknot rated0:00
5. Easy On The Weekendnot rated0:00
6. Knockersnot rated0:00
7. All I Wanted Was The Dreamnot rated0:00
8. Fly Away/I Go To Rionot rated0:00
9. Everything Old Is New Againnot rated0:00
10. Irving Berlin Medley: I Love A Piano/Let's Face The Music And Dance/Let Yourself Go...not rated0:00
11. Only Woundednot rated0:00
12. Come Save Menot rated0:00
13. Somebody's Angelnot rated0:00
14. Harbournot rated0:00
15. Don't Cry Out Loudnot rated0:00
16. Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stagenot rated0:00
17. Once Before I Gonot rated0:00
18. As Time Goes Bynot rated0:00
19. I Honestly Love Younot rated0:00

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