Richard Thompson
Watching The Dark: The History of Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson - Watching The Dark: The History of Richard Thompson

  • Release date: 5/4/1993
  • Format: CD
  • Category: wanted
  • not rated
  • Added December 3, 2006


1. A Man In Neednot rated0:00
2. Can't Winnot rated0:00
3. Waltzing's For Dreamersnot rated0:00
4. Crash The Partynot rated0:00
5. I Still Dreamnot rated0:00
6. Bird In God's Garden / Lost And Foundnot rated0:00
7. Now Be Thankfulnot rated0:00
8. A Sailor's Lifenot rated0:00
9. Genesis Hallnot rated0:00
10. The Knife-Edgenot rated0:00
11. Walking On A Wirenot rated0:00
12. Small Town Romancenot rated0:00
13. Shepherd's March / Maggie Cameronnot rated0:00
14. Wall Of Deathnot rated0:00
15. For Shame Of Doing Wrongnot rated0:00
16. Back Street Slidenot rated0:00
17. Strange Affairnot rated0:00
18. The Wrong Heartbeatnot rated0:00
19. Borrowed Timenot rated0:00
20. From Galway To Gracelandnot rated0:00
21. Tear Stained Letternot rated0:00
22. Keep Your Distancenot rated0:00
23. Bogie's Bonnie Bellenot rated0:00
24. Poor Wee Jockey Clarkenot rated0:00
25. Jet Plane In A Rocking Chairnot rated0:00
26. Dimming Of The Daynot rated0:00
27. Old Man Inside A Young Mannot rated0:00
28. Never Againnot rated0:00
29. Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song)not rated0:00
30. A Heart Needs A Homenot rated0:00
31. Beat The Retreatnot rated0:00
32. Al Bowlly's In Heavennot rated0:00
33. Walking Through A Wasted Landnot rated0:00
34. When The Spell Is Brokennot rated0:00
35. Devonsidenot rated0:00
36. Little Blue Numbernot rated0:00
37. I Ain't Going To Drag My Feet No Morenot rated0:00
38. Withered And Diednot rated0:00
39. Nobody's Weddingnot rated0:00
40. The Poor Ditching Boynot rated0:00
41. The Great Valerionot rated0:00
42. Twistednot rated0:00
43. Calvary Crossnot rated0:00
44. Jennienot rated0:00
45. Hand Of Kindnessnot rated0:00
46. Two Left Feetnot rated0:00
47. Shoot Out The Lightsnot rated0:00

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