Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart - Storyteller

  • Release date: 1991
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 4:57:31
  • not rated
  • Added November 1, 2004


1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirlnot rated2:09
2. Can I Get A Witnessnot rated3:35
3. Shakenot rated2:50
4. So Much To Saynot rated3:15
5. Little Miss Understoodnot rated3:38
6. I've Been Drinkingnot rated3:19
7. I Ain't Superstitiousnot rated4:55
8. Shapes Of Thingsnot rated3:19
9. In A Broken Dreamnot rated3:41
10. Street Fighting Mannot rated5:06
11. Handbags And Gladragsnot rated4:24
12. Gasoline Alleynot rated4:04
13. Cut Across Shortynot rated6:31
14. Country Comfortsnot rated4:45
15. It's All Over Nownot rated6:23
16. Sweet Lady Marynot rated5:50
17. Had Me A Real Good Timenot rated5:52
1. Maggie Maynot rated5:46
2. Mandolin Windnot rated5:32
3. (I Know) I'm Losing Younot rated5:21
4. Reason To Believenot rated4:07
5. Every Picture Tells A Storynot rated5:57
6. Stay With Menot rated4:39
7. True Bluenot rated3:34
8. Angelnot rated4:06
9. You Wear It Wellnot rated5:03
10. I'd Rather Go Blindnot rated3:53
11. Twistin' The Night Awaynot rated3:15
12. What's Made Milwaukee Famousnot rated2:53
13. Oh! No Not My Babynot rated3:39
14. Pinball Wizardnot rated3:41
15. Sweet Little Rock 'N' Rollernot rated3:46
16. Let Me Be Your Carnot rated4:57
17. You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anythingnot rated4:22
1. sailingnot rated4:40
2. i dont want to talk about itnot rated4:50
3. stone cold sobernot rated4:13
4. to love somebodynot rated4:31
5. tonights the nightnot rated3:56
6. the first cut is the deepestnot rated4:27
7. the killing of georgie (pt 1 and pt 2)not rated6:27
8. get backnot rated4:27
9. hot legsnot rated5:15
10. i was only jokingnot rated6:08
11. youre in my heartnot rated4:30
12. do ya think im sexynot rated5:30
13. passionnot rated5:32
14. oh god i wish i was home tonightnot rated5:02
15. tonight im yoursnot rated4:11
1. young turksnot rated5:03
2. baby janenot rated4:45
3. what am i gonna do (im so in love with you)not rated4:19
4. people get readynot rated4:53
5. some guys have all the lucknot rated4:33
6. infatuationnot rated5:13
7. love touchnot rated4:03
8. every beat of my heartnot rated5:19
9. lost in younot rated4:58
10. my heart cant tell you nonot rated5:13
11. dynamitenot rated4:17
12. crazy about hernot rated4:55
13. forever youngnot rated4:04
14. i dont want to talk about itnot rated4:53
15. this old heart of minenot rated4:12
16. downtown trainnot rated4:39

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