In Concert

Doors - In Concert

  • Release date: 1991
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 2:20:41
  • not rated
  • Added October 20, 2004


1. House Announcernot rated2:39
2. Who Do You Lovenot rated6:02
3. Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) (Medley)not rated1:51
4. Backdoor Man (Medley)not rated2:22
5. Love Hides (Medley)not rated1:48
6. Five To One (Medley)not rated4:34
7. Build Me A Womannot rated3:33
8. When The Music's Overnot rated14:49
9. Universal Mindnot rated4:54
10. Petition The Lord With Prayernot rated0:52
11. Dead Cats, Dead Rats (Medley)not rated1:53
12. Break On Through #2 (Medley)not rated4:41
13. Lions In The Street (The Celebration of the Lizard)not rated1:14
14. Wake Up (The Celebration of the Lizard)not rated1:24
15. A Little Game (The Celebration of the Lizard)not rated1:10
16. The Hill Dwellers (The Celebration of the Lizard)not rated2:40
17. Not To Touch The Earth (The Celebration of the Lizard)not rated4:13
18. Names Of The Kingdom (The Celebration of the Lizard)not rated1:24
19. The Palace Of Exile (The Celebration of the Lizard)not rated2:20
20. Soul Kitchennot rated7:15
1. Roadhouse Bluesnot rated6:13
2. Glorianot rated6:19
3. Light My Fire [Incl. Graveyard Poem]not rated9:54
4. You Make Me Realnot rated3:03
5. Texas Radio & The Big Beatnot rated1:52
6. Love Me Two Timesnot rated3:17
7. Little Red Rooster [Feat. John Sebastia On Harmonica]not rated7:05
8. Moonlight Drive [Incl. Horse Latitudes]not rated5:32
9. Close To Younot rated5:26
10. Unknown Soldiernot rated4:25
11. The Endnot rated15:42

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