Smokey Robinson and the miracles
The 35th Anniversary collection

Smokey Robinson and the miracles - The 35th Anniversary collection

  • Release date: 1994
  • Format: CD
  • Category: pop
  • Duration: 4:50:50
  • not rated
  • Added February 27, 2005


1. Got a jobnot rated2:43
2. I crynot rated2:37
3. Bad girlnot rated2:44
4. All I want is younot rated2:45
5. Itnot rated2:45
6. Way over therenot rated3:02
7. The feeling is so finenot rated2:44
8. (You can) depend on menot rated3:10
9. Shop around [original Detroit version]not rated3:04
10. Who's lovin' younot rated3:06
11. Shop around [National hit version]not rated2:52
12. After allnot rated2:48
13. Ain't it babynot rated2:35
14. Mighty good lovin'not rated2:39
15. Broken heartednot rated3:04
16. Everybody's gotta pay some duesnot rated2:57
17. That's the way I feelnot rated2:40
18. Determinationnot rated2:20
19. I had to crynot rated2:47
20. What's so good about goodbyenot rated2:24
21. I've been good to younot rated2:42
22. I'll try something newnot rated2:39
23. You never miss a good thingnot rated2:44
24. If your mother only knewnot rated2:43
25. He don't care about menot rated2:17
26. A love that never can benot rated2:47
1. You've really got a hold on menot rated2:59
2. Happy landingnot rated2:48
3. Father dearnot rated2:34
4. A love she can count onnot rated2:52
5. Mickey's monkeynot rated2:47
6. Whatever makes you happynot rated2:33
7. The day you take one (you have to take the other)not rated2:36
8. I gotta dance to keep from cryingnot rated2:39
9. (You can't let the boy overpower) The man in younot rated2:55
10. Heartbreak roadnot rated2:46
11. Show me you can dancenot rated2:23
12. I like it like thatnot rated2:36
13. You're so fine and sweetnot rated2:20
14. That's what love is made ofnot rated2:58
15. Baby don't you gonot rated2:59
16. Ooh baby babynot rated2:44
17. All that's goodnot rated2:54
18. The tracks of my tearsnot rated3:02
19. A fork in the roadnot rated3:22
20. My girl has gonenot rated2:54
21. Going to a Go-Gonot rated2:51
22. Choosey beggarnot rated2:33
23. I'm stuck on younot rated2:44
24. Whole lot of shakin' in my heart (since I met you)not rated2:43
25. Oh be my lovenot rated2:50
1. (Come 'round here) I'm the one you neednot rated2:33
2. My business, your pleasurenot rated2:43
3. Save menot rated2:26
4. It's a good feelingnot rated3:08
5. The love I saw in you was just a miragenot rated3:02
6. Come spy with menot rated2:59
7. My love for younot rated2:42
8. More lovenot rated2:50
9. After you put back the pieces (I'll still have a broken heart)not rated2:42
10. I second that emotionnot rated2:43
11. You must be lovenot rated2:36
12. I care about Detroitnot rated3:09
13. If you can wantnot rated2:28
14. When the words from your heart get caught up in your throatnot rated2:51
15. Yester lovenot rated2:20
16. You only build me up to tear me downnot rated3:25
17. Special occasionnot rated2:20
18. Baby, baby don't crynot rated3:59
19. Doggone rightnot rated2:59
20. The composernot rated2:27
21. Here I go againnot rated2:59
22. Once I got to know you (couldn't help but love you)not rated3:07
23. Abraham, Martin and Johnnot rated3:03
24. What love has joined togethernot rated5:52
1. Point it outnot rated2:42
2. Who's gonna take the blamenot rated3:31
3. I gotta thing for younot rated3:21
4. The tears of a clownnot rated3:07
5. Promise menot rated3:09
6. I don't blame you at allnot rated3:09
7. There's a sad story herenot rated3:23
8. Crazy about the la la lanot rated2:56
9. Satisfactionnot rated3:18
10. We've come too far to end it nownot rated3:51
11. I can't stand to see you crynot rated3:41
12. Here I go again [live]not rated3:51
13. Smokey Robinson - Sweet harmonynot rated4:11
14. The Miracles - Don't let it end ('til you ket it begin)not rated3:08
15. The Miracles - Do it babynot rated3:05
16. The Miracles - Don't cha love itnot rated3:21
17. Smokey Robinson - Quiet stormnot rated4:05
18. The Miracles - Love machine Pt. 1not rated3:01
19. Smokey Robinson - Cruisin'not rated4:31
20. Smokey Robinson - Being with younot rated4:02
21. Smokey Robinson - Just to see hernot rated4:04
22. Smokey Robinson - One heartbeatnot rated4:04

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