Frank Sinatra
The Capitol Years

Frank Sinatra - The Capitol Years

  • Release date: 1990
  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Format: CD
  • Category: pop
  • Duration: 3:44:25
  • not rated
  • Added October 31, 2004


1. I've Got The World On A Stringnot rated2:10
2. Lean Babynot rated2:34
3. I Love Younot rated2:27
4. South Of The Bordernot rated2:50
5. From Here To Eternitynot rated2:59
6. They Can't Take That Away From Menot rated1:58
7. I Get A Kick Out Of Younot rated2:54
8. Young At Heartnot rated2:50
9. Three Coins In The Fountainnot rated3:04
10. All Of Menot rated2:07
11. Taking A Chance On Lovenot rated2:13
12. Someone To Watch Over Menot rated2:57
13. What Is This Thing Called Lovenot rated2:33
14. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morningnot rated3:00
15. Learnin' The Bluesnot rated3:01
16. Our Townnot rated3:15
17. Love And Marriagenot rated2:38
18. (Love Is) The Tender Trapnot rated2:58
19. Weep They Willnot rated3:19
20. I Thought About Younot rated2:29
21. You Make Me Feel So Youngnot rated2:55
22. Memories Of Younot rated2:54
23. I've Got You Under My Skinnot rated3:43
24. Too Marvelous For Wordsnot rated2:28
25. Don't Like Goodbyesnot rated4:50
26. (How Little It Matters) How Little We Knownot rated2:38
1. Hey! Jealous Lovernot rated2:21
2. You're Sensationalnot rated2:17
3. Close To Younot rated3:58
4. Stars Fell On Alabamanot rated2:38
5. I Got Plenty Of Nothingnot rated3:14
6. I Wish I Were In Love Againnot rated2:28
7. The Lady Is A Trampnot rated3:15
8. Night And Daynot rated3:59
9. The Lonesome Roadnot rated3:54
10. If I Had Younot rated2:35
11. Where Are Younot rated3:29
12. I'm A Fool To Want Younot rated4:51
13. Witchcraftnot rated2:53
14. Something Wonderful Happens In Summernot rated3:15
15. All The Waynot rated2:53
16. Chicagonot rated2:12
17. Let's Get Away From It Allnot rated2:10
18. Autum In New Yorknot rated4:36
19. Come Fly With Menot rated3:18
20. Everybody Loves Somebodynot rated3:43
21. It's The Same Old Dreamnot rated3:03
22. Put Your Dreams Awaynot rated3:12
23. Hear Goesnot rated2:43
24. Angel Eyesnot rated3:45
1. Ebb Tidenot rated3:16
2. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Drynot rated4:00
3. Only The Lonelynot rated4:35
4. One For My Babynot rated4:04
5. To Love And Be Lovednot rated2:56
6. I Couldn't Care Lessnot rated2:59
7. The Song Is Younot rated2:42
8. Just In Timenot rated2:24
9. Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Nightnot rated1:54
10. Come Dance With Menot rated2:40
11. French Foreign Legionnot rated2:02
12. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Elsenot rated3:04
13. Here's That Rainy Daynot rated3:43
14. High Hopesnot rated2:43
15. When No One Caresnot rated2:42
16. I'll Never Smile Againnot rated3:44
17. I've Got A Crush On Younot rated2:17
18. Embraceable Younot rated3:24
19. Nice 'N Easynot rated2:45
20. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Menot rated2:26
21. On The Sunny Side Of The Streetnot rated2:42
22. I've Heard That Song Beforenot rated2:30
23. Almost Like Being In Lovenot rated2:03
24. I'll Be Seeing Younot rated2:47
25. I Gotta Right To Sing The Bluesnot rated2:58

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