Paul Weller
Wild Wood

Paul Weller - Wild Wood

  • Release date: 2008
  • Format: MP3
  • Category: pop
  • Duration: 2:42:07
  • not rated
  • Added December 10, 2011


1. Sunflowernot rated4:08
2. Can you hear us (holy man)not rated3:41
3. Wild woodnot rated3:23
4. Instrumental one (Pt. 1)not rated1:37
5. All the pictures on the wallnot rated3:57
6. Has my fire really gone outnot rated3:55
7. Countrynot rated3:39
8. Instrumental twonot rated5:02
9. 5th seasonnot rated4:49
10. The weavernot rated3:42
11. Instrumental one (Pt. 2)not rated0:35
12. Foot of the mountainnot rated3:38
13. Shadow of the sunnot rated7:37
14. Holy man (Reprise)not rated1:51
15. Moon on the pyjamasnot rated4:04
16. Hung upnot rated2:43
17. Wild wood (Portishead)not rated3:31
18. Magic busnot rated5:31
19. Ends on the earthnot rated2:26
20. This is no time (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)not rated6:04
21. Another new daynot rated3:21
22. The lovednot rated3:00
23. Sunflower (Demo version)not rated4:14
24. Wild wood (Demo version)not rated4:03
25. All the pictures on the wall (Demo version)not rated4:50
26. Country (Demo version)not rated3:33
27. 5th season (Demo version)not rated5:58
28. The weaver (Demo version)not rated4:16
29. Shadow of the sun (Demo version)not rated5:31
30. Moon on your pyjamas (Demo version)not rated3:45
31. Ends of the earth (Demo version)not rated2:57
32. Love of the loved (Demo version)not rated4:42
33. Price to pay (Demo version)not rated3:37
34. Changes (Demo version)not rated2:51
35. I'm only dreamingnot rated2:54
36. Ohio (Demo version)not rated3:54
37. Oh happy daynot rated3:29
38. Greetingsnot rated3:33
39. Wild wood (Demo version)not rated3:35
40. Weaver of dreams (Demo version)not rated3:28
41. Foot of the mountain (BBC recording)not rated3:36
42. Hung up (BBC recording)not rated2:57
43. Black sheep boy (BBC recording)not rated2:10

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