Tim Finn
North, South, East, West

Tim Finn - North, South, East, West

  • Release date: 2009
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: pop
  • Duration: 2:07:53
  • not rated
  • Added January 11, 2010


1. Split Enz/I See Rednot rated3:17
2. Split Enz/My Mistakenot rated3:02
3. Split Enz/Poor Boynot rated3:23
4. Split Enz/Six Months In A Leaky Boatnot rated4:23
5. Split Enz/I Hope I Nevernot rated4:36
6. Split Enz/Dirty Creaturenot rated4:01
7. Split Enz/Maybenot rated2:53
8. Tim Fiinn And Missy Higgins/Stuff And Nonsensenot rated3:27
9. Tim Finn/Fraction TOo Much Frictionnot rated4:10
10. Tim Finn/Made My Daynot rated3:20
11. Tim Finn/So Deepnot rated4:15
12. Tim Finn/How'm I Gonna Sleepnot rated3:52
13. Tim Finn/Not Even Closenot rated4:17
14. Tim Finn/Many's The Timenot rated4:20
15. Tim Finn/Persuasionnot rated3:52
16. Tim Finn/Into The Waternot rated3:14
17. Tim Finn/Nothing Unusualnot rated4:02
1. Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Liam Finn/Weather With Younot rated3:43
2. Tim Finn/How Will You Gonot rated2:59
3. Tim Finn And Bic Runga/It's Only Naturalnot rated3:44
4. Tim Finn/Underwater Mountainnot rated3:55
5. Tim Finn/Dead Mannot rated4:04
6. Tim Finn/What You've Donenot rated3:43
7. Tim Finn/Subway Dreamingnot rated4:16
8. The Finn Brothers/Angel's Heapnot rated2:50
9. The Finn Brothers/Disembodied Voicesnot rated3:37
10. The Finn Brothers/Luckiest Man Alivenot rated3:59
11. Tim Finn/Winter Lightnot rated4:10
12. Tim Finn/Couldn't Be Donenot rated2:53
13. Tim Finn/Astounding Moonnot rated3:36
14. Tim Finn/Straw To Goldnot rated3:58
15. Tim Finn/Out Of This Worldnot rated3:01
16. Tim Finn/The Saw And The Treenot rated4:05
17. Tim Finn/Light Years Awaynot rated3:09
18. Tim Finn/Piano Outtro - either Poor Boy or David Bowie - unsurenot rated1:31

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