Modern Talking
Remix Album

Modern Talking - Remix Album

  • Release date: 2007
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: CD
  • Category: pop
  • Duration: 1:12:54
  • not rated
  • Added March 29, 2009


1. Cheri, Cheri Lady (Special Dance Version)not rated4:50
2. Modern Talking feat. Eric Singleton/You Are Not Alone (Extended Version)not rated4:56
3. Down On My Kneesnot rated3:42
4. You Can Win If You Want (Special Dance Version)not rated5:17
5. Modern Talking feat. Eric Singleton/Sexy Sexy Lover (Extended Rap Version)not rated5:00
6. Jet Airliner (New Version)not rated4:00
7. Modern Talking feat. Eric Singleton/China In Her Eyes (Video Version)not rated3:10
8. Geronimo's Cadillac (Long Vocal Version)not rated5:04
9. Modern Talking feat. Eric Singleton/Brother Louie Mix '98 (Extended Version)not rated4:14
10. Atlantis Is Calling (Extended Version)not rated5:20
11. Modern Talking feat. Eric Singleton/Don't Take Away My Heart (New Rap Version)not rated3:27
12. Ready For The Victory (Alternative Radio Version)not rated3:17
13. Modern Talking feat. Eric Singleton/Fly To The Moon (New Rap Version)not rated3:08
14. TV Makes The Superstar (Extended)not rated5:05
15. Modern Talking Megamix 2000not rated5:16
16. No 1 Hit Medleynot rated7:02

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