Howard Shore (70 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Howard ShoreA Dangerous MethodMP32011not rated1:04:57
Howard ShoreA History of ViolenceCD2005not rated40:17
Howard ShoreA Kiss Before DyingMP31991not rated41:11
Howard ShoreBefore and AfterCD1996not rated41:01
Howard ShoreBigCD1988not rated56:40
Howard ShoreCop LandCD1997not rated40:40
Howard ShoreCrashCD1996not rated44:37
Howard ShoreCrashMP31996not rated1:03:39
Howard ShoreDead RingersMP31988not rated42:24
Howard ShoreDead RingersCD1988not rated27:35
Howard ShoreDenialMP32016not rated39:23
Howard ShoreDogmaCD1999not rated35:00
Howard ShoreEastern PromisesCD2007not rated36:50
Howard ShoreEd WoodCD1994not rated40:36
Howard ShoreEdge of DarknessMP32010not rated41:43
Howard ShoreEsther KahnCD2000not rated40:37
Howard ShoreGangs of New YorkWMA2002not rated7:32
Howard ShoreHugoMP32011not rated1:07:33
Howard ShoreJimmy P.M4A2013not rated40:20
Howard ShoreLooking For RichardCD1996not rated45:06
Howard ShoreM. ButterflyCD1993not rated29:39
Howard ShoreMaps To The StarsMP32014not rated38:34
Howard ShoreMoonlight and ValentinoMP31996not rated41:04
Howard ShoreNaked LunchCD1991not rated33:45
Howard ShoreNobody's FoolCD1994not rated39:49
Howard ShorePanic RoomCD2002not rated30:07
Howard ShorePhiladelphiaCD1993not rated47:32
Howard ShorePieces of A WomanMP32021not rated30:05
Howard ShorePrelude To A KissMP31992not rated29:02
Howard ShoreRansomCDR1996not rated1:00:08
Howard ShoreRosewaterMP32014not rated27:37
Howard ShoreScannersCD1980not rated23:49
Howard ShoreSe7enCDR1995not rated1:00:36
Howard ShoreSevenMP31995not rated1:01:14
Howard ShoreSingle White FemaleCDR1992not rated27:51
Howard ShoreSoul of The Ultimate NationCD2006not rated1:04:31
Howard ShoreSpiderCD2002not rated36:11
Howard ShoreSpotlightMP32015not rated33:15
Howard ShoreThe AviatorCD2004not rated47:25
Howard ShoreThe BetrayalMP32008not rated8:11
Howard ShoreThe BroodCD1980not rated12:24
Howard ShoreThe CellCD2000not rated59:28
Howard ShoreThe ClientCD1994not rated51:24
Howard ShoreThe Complete Hobbit & Lord of The Rings Film Music CollectionMP32015not rated2:12:22
Howard ShoreThe DepartedCD2006not rated41:47
Howard ShoreThe Fellowship of The RingCD2001not rated1:11:28
Howard ShoreThe FlyMP31986not rated39:38
Howard ShoreThe FlyCD1986not rated37:35
Howard ShoreThe GameCD1997not rated56:05
Howard ShoreThe Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyM4A2012not rated2:07:43
Howard ShoreThe Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyMP32012not rated1:48:06
Howard ShoreThe Hobbit: The Battle of The Five ArmiesMP32014not rated1:45:12
Howard ShoreThe Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugMP32013not rated1:50:58
Howard ShoreThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Special Edition)MP32013not rated2:13:00
Howard ShoreThe Lord of The Rings - The Rarities ArchiveCD2010not rated1:09:43
Howard ShoreThe Lord of The Rings SymphonyMP32011not rated1:55:51
Howard ShoreThe Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The RingCD box set2001not rated3:00:42
Howard ShoreThe Lord of The Rings: The Return of The KingCD box set2003not rated3:49:27
Howard ShoreThe Lord of The Rings: The Two TowersCD box set2002not rated3:08:26
Howard ShoreThe Lost PrinceMP32020not rated43:40
Howard ShoreThe Return of The KingCD2003not rated1:12:02
Howard ShoreThe ScoreCD2001not rated38:36
Howard ShoreThe Silence of The LambsCD1991not rated57:13
Howard ShoreThe Silence of the Lambs (Expanded Score)MP31991not rated1:17:09
Howard ShoreThe Twilight Saga: EclipseMP32010not rated1:01:56
Howard ShoreThe Two TowersCD2002not rated1:12:44
Howard ShoreThe YardsCD2000not rated39:41
Howard ShoreVideodromeCD1982not rated33:52
Howard ShoreVideodrome (complete)MP31983not rated37:31
Howard ShoreeXistenZCD1999not rated49:33