Magnum (34 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Magnum2017 - The Valley Of Tears - The BalladsMP32017not rated53:47
MagnumArchiveMP31983not rated44:32
MagnumBrand New MorningMP32004not rated55:25
MagnumBreath Of LifeMP32002not rated1:15:05
MagnumChase The DragonMP31982not rated1:07:50
MagnumEscape From The Shadow GardenMP32014not rated1:02:39
MagnumEscape From The Shadow Garden-Live 2014MP32015not rated1:14:17
MagnumEvolutionMP32011not rated1:09:09
MagnumGoodnight L.A.MP31990not rated48:37
MagnumInto The Valley Of The MoonkingMP32009not rated58:30
MagnumInvasion LiveMP31982not rated41:29
MagnumKeeping the Nite Lite BurningMP31993not rated48:41
MagnumKingdom Of MadnessMP31978not rated39:31
MagnumKingdom Of MadnessMP31978not rated38:46
MagnumLive At The Symphony HallMP32019not rated1:37:46
MagnumLost On The Road To EternityMP32018not rated1:07:10
MagnumMagnum IIMP31979not rated57:13
MagnumMarauderMP31980not rated35:46
MagnumOn A Storyteller's NightMP31985not rated1:00:15
MagnumOn A Storyteller's NightMP31985not rated45:51
MagnumOn the 13th DayMP32013not rated57:16
MagnumPrincess Alice and the Broken ArrowMP32007not rated1:02:34
MagnumRock ArtMP31994not rated54:57
MagnumSacred Blood "Divine" LiesMP32016not rated54:24
MagnumSleepwalkingMP31992not rated53:11
MagnumThe Eleventh Hour!MP31983not rated1:10:04
MagnumThe GatheringMP32010not rated6:25:58
MagnumThe Serpent RingsMP32020not rated59:41
MagnumThe SpiritMP32003not rated1:15:42
MagnumThe VisitationMP32011not rated57:03
MagnumVigilanteMP31986not rated43:33
MagnumVintage MagnumMP31986not rated40:43
MagnumWings Of HeavenMP31988not rated44:13
MagnumWings Of Heaven LiveMP32008not rated1:56:20