OD404 (21 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
O.D.404Magnecor / Disco Cop12" vinyl2002not rated
OD4049 Bar12" vinyl1999not rated
OD404Bad Mother Fucker / D-Funked12" vinyl2000not rated
OD404Beat Dis12" vinyl1999not rated
OD404Biofilter EP12" vinyl1998not rated
OD404Break / Ezi12" vinyl1998not rated
OD404Crashguard / Rock The Spot12" vinyl2002not rated
OD404Digitalis / Rock Tha Disco12" vinyl2000not rated
OD404Don't Touch That Stereo12" vinyl2001not rated
OD404Fireball12" vinyl1999not rated
OD404High Volume12" vinyl2001not rated
OD404House Is On Fire12" vinyl2001not rated
OD404Let Me tell You Something / Ram Raid12" vinyl2000not rated
OD404Panic Button12" vinyl2003not rated
OD404Prankster / Prozak 212" vinyl1998not rated
OD404Ripped Up12" vinyl2001not rated
OD404Robot Jam12" vinyl2002not rated
OD404Split Filter12" vinyl2003not rated
OD404Tease It / Prozak 612" vinyl1998not rated
OD404Underground Classics (Disc 1)12" vinyl2004not rated
OD404X-Press12" vinyl1998not rated