Madrugada (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
MadrugadaCaravan / The Hour Of The Wolf7" vinyl2008not rated
MadrugadaGritCD2002not rated53:09
MadrugadaGritLP2015not rated46:57
MadrugadaIndustrial Silence2 x LP2016not rated
MadrugadaLive At TralfamadoreCD + 5" CD single2005not rated1:32:45
MadrugadaMadrugadaLP2016not rated
MadrugadaMadrugadaCD2008not rated48:09
MadrugadaMadrugadaLP2008not rated48:37
MadrugadaThe Deep EndCD2005not rated59:41
MadrugadaThe Deep EndLP2015not rated59:37
MadrugadaThe Nightly DiseaseLP2015not rated
MadrugadaThe Nightly DiseaseCD2001not rated1:04:53
MadrugadaThe Nightly Disease (Deluxe Edition)4 x LP2011not rated